Tuesday, 14 July 2020

The Sweet-Lipped Escapades of Johan Bisou: Part One

Meet Johan Bisou.

Johan is a bachelor who recently arrived in Windenberg. He is a suave, fashionable fellow - couldn't you tell by his outfit? - who has just started a career in the fashion industry, hoping to become a Style Influencer and eventual Trendsetter. However, his work means very little to him compared to his real goal in life.

The thing Johan loves more than anything else in the world is kisses. Proudly pansexual, and not a fan of long-term commitments, even his very surname means "kiss". He doesn't discriminate: male, female, non-binary, young adults to elders, whatever your skin colour, occult or run-of-the-mill Sim... as long as you're fully grown and everything's consensual, he's ready and willing to lock lips with you.

For Boolprop.net's "Sweet Lips" Challenge, Johan's goal is to kiss as many Sims as he possibly can before the end of his life: incorporating as many different careers, NPCs and occult types as possible. He can never marry or have children, as such relationships will weigh him down and stop him seeking out smooches. Johan doesn't mind that - he prefers fashion to family anyway.

So, now that you've met our stylish snogger, let's get into his first week!


Just as Johan is starting to unpack his moving boxes, he is interrupted by the doorbell. Normally, I'm the kind of player who tells the welcome wagon where to go, but not today. People mean potentially puckered lips. Soon, he and his new neighbours are sat together on the sofa, happily munching fruitcake.

Within minutes, he's putting the moves on Mila Munch - a Caterer in the Culinary career.

Johan doesn't care that he has an audience. Mila receives his first kiss - one out of what will hopefully be many.

Once the wagon has rolled out and Johan's got his house in order, he's ready to have some fun. He heads out to the local nightclub, Pan Discotheque Europa, so he can boogie down.

Before he even crosses the threshold, he catches the eye of the renowned Bella Goth - an Intelligence Researcher in the Secret Agent career. Following some flirty talk, he wins his second kiss of the day.

Time to head to the dancefloor! As he grooves to the latest tunes, Johan decides to request a song from the DJ, Teulia Faamoana. 

Clearly on a roll, Johan soon switches from song requests to small talk. Taking Teulia's hands, he lures her out from behind the booth - his confidence and Charisma skill growing by the second.

As well as getting his favourite tune played, Johan gets his third kiss.

Whilst busting a move, Johan accidentially bumps into Joaquin Le Chien (Open Mic Seeker, Entertainment Career). What starts out as a apology becomes an opportunity, as our hero seduces the club-hopper with sugary sweet words. Before he practically passes out from exhaustion (it now being the early hours of the next morning!), he has one more quick smooch, and then calls it a night.


Exhausted after his romantic antics at the club, Johan is barely able to drag himself out of bed for his first day of work. After chugging coffee, he gets through it brilliantly - even earning a promotion - but the second he's home, he collapses in a heap by the front door.

I think he's earned a vacation day.

Johan decides to spend his day off checking out a local beauty spot - the Von Haunt Estate. After spending some time exploring the beautiful hedge maze, he comes across a rather unusual artist stood painting at an easel.

How are they unusual, you ask? Well - this artist is a ghost! Bernard, to be precise: a long-time resident of the estate.

The fact Bernard is a spirit doesn't bother Johan one bit. After complimenting his painting, he starts to chat him up: leading to a rather cool, ectoplasm-filled, and yet still pleasant, kiss.

Johan's timing is excellent. His visit coincides with a meeting of local garden and medieval attire enthusiasts, the Knights of the Hedge. After scooching on over to a chess table for a chat, he becomes well-acquainted with Jacques Villareal - an elder who holds the title of "The Brains" in the Boss branch of the Criminal career. 

After losing his third chess game in a row, Johan suggests to Jacques that they try tongue-wrestling instead. And yes, a kiss through a knight's visor still counts.


Johan spends the remaining weekdays building up his writing skills and working as hard as he can: earning him his second promotion, but severely depleting his fun levels in the process. By Saturday morning, he's buzzing with energy, and finds himself on a big fitness kick - leading him to venture out to the local gym.

Despite the beautiful sea views from the treadmill, Johan's roving eye is constantly caught by the sculpted, toned bodies surrounding him. After roughly half an hour of running, he calls it quits, and goes on a kiss-chase instead.

Stood by the punching bags is the gym instructor, Brady Allison. Johan asks him for a one-on-one session: not to improve his boxing, but to get to know him better. After all, the last thing Johan wants is to be socked in the kisser: he needs his lips in perfect working order to pursue his life's mission! 

When Brady's pointers are returned with compliments, it's not too long before Johan proves that's he's a lover, not a fighter.

Johan concludes his gym trip with a quick go on the weights. He's not really trying to get buff, but when a handsome Locker Room Attendant (Athlete Career) called Paulo Rocco offers to spot him, how can he refuse? 

Of course, one thing leads to another!

After he hits the showers and heads for the exit, Johan crosses paths with Darrel Charm, and finds himself spellbound. Darrel is both an Office Assistant in the Business career and a Spellcaster. Stopping him for a conversation, our hero makes it very clear that he has charms of his very own!

On Sunday morning, Johan wakes up with aching muscles. (Watcher knows why - the only ones he's really worked out are the ones in his mouth!) With the bonuses from his recent promotions still in his bank account, he treats himself to a spa day.

The session starts brilliantly when his back rub from Massage Therapist Manuel Earl concludes with a smooch. (It was one that was mutually wanted, not a normal part of the service!)

Afterwards, Johan ventures into a yoga class. He pays close attention to the instructor, but it's not out of a passion for wellness. Rather, it's out of a passion for passion itself: he can't deny that she's attractive. 

Sadly, Kiara Fields only has a short amount of time between classes for flirty chat. Determined to lock lips with this charming woman, Johan winds up staying for several consecutive classes (at a cost of Watcher knows how many simoleons). Thankfully, after a ridiculous amount of downward-facing dogs, he wins Kiara over, and she gladly puckers up.

Maybe Johan's mouth isn't the only part of his body in need of tender loving care. Whilst he's no gym bunny, it is true that he types a lot for his job, which strains his fingers and wrists. Heading over to the reflexology room, he politely requests a hand massage from the attendant, Jaxon Hanna.

Starting off with a compliment about his gentle touch, Johan uses this rather intimate moment as a way to become more acquainted with silver fox Jaxon. By the time the massage is over, and the older gentleman is helping Johan up out of his chair, he is smitten, and winds up pulling the pink-haired paramour in for a snog.

So far, Johan has had a dozen kisses - more than some of my Sims have had in a lifetime - but he is still a young man with many years ahead of him. Tomorrow brings another week, and with it, many more mouths to smooch!

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