Sunday, 26 July 2020

Close Encounter Academy - The Pries Misadventures: Mini-Update (The Grand Unveiling)

Hi all ! Since none of Genesis' six beautiful children can pass for human without a disguise, it'll take some grinding and committed gameplay on my end to reach the opportunity to try for more. If not, my backup plan is to have an heir poll and move that particular goal ahead a generation. 

However, there is one goal I have managed to achieve... the building of the Close Encounter Academy! Now, I'm not a skilled builder in any way - the Gallery is this Simmer's best friend - but I tried my very best. The Pries family all got together for the grand unveiling.


As Genesis waits for her family to turn up, she grabs a drink from the snack bar. The entire building is two floors, and this bar forms part of a special waiting area for relatives on the bottom one. 

The Academy offers two medical bays where pollinated men can get check-ups, pre-natal classes and child delivery free of charge - thanks to a kind subsidy from the Curious Brothers Foundation. When a daddy's big day arrives, their supportive family members are provided for, too.

When the Pries clan arrive, Genesis' first port of call is the other room beside the refreshment bar. This is one of two lecture halls (an identical second one is on the floor above) which will soon host alien-related talks led by the brightest minds from both Foxbury and Britechester. 

Genesis decides to warm up the podium by sharing her story about the slaying of the Mother. Her familial audience tries their hardest to look riveted, although by now, they can mouth the words along with her.

Both floors also host a study room, each containing computers and a library of texts related to pollination, the history of Sixam, and the ongoing integration of Sixamian culture with traditional Sim lifestyle and values. Genesis had a hand in the resource selection, and Isaac is very impressed with her choices.

The second floor is mainly taken up by the invaluable Museum of Sixam, which houses collected relics from the planet. This is to help those of Sixamian descent see physical treasures from their culture and history, as well as to encourage education and tolerance between themselves and Sims of non-alien blood.

A set of stairs lead up to the rooftop, which houses a rocket-building zone. Here, weekly courses are run in rocket science, where participants can buy the materials and get the support needed to construct intergalactic vessels and check out Sixam for themselves.

However, it is here, behind these stairs, that we find the feature which matters the most to the family. Here, a permanent and secure display present visitors with a tendril from the Mother, a golden urn, and a plaque explaining the tale of whose remains it carries.

Here, at last, is the permanent resting place of Erwin Pries: a shrine built to him as they were built to the heroes of antiquity. 

The man who knew about the Mother before anyone else and tried to warn the town, enduring the shame they placed on him for it. The man whose bloodline produced the woman who defeated the monstrous plant. And of course, the man who, through his devotion to his own alien children, is a role model to all pollinated fathers-to-be.

Weeping, the silver-haired Isaac embraces Genesis tightly. 
He has never felt more proud to be a Pries.


The total worth of the lot is 292,881 Simoleons, and is classed as a Library. If you want to take a tour for yourself, feel free to download it from the Gallery here.

(If the link fails, search for EA ID "bookloverblue" with the Maxis Curated option turned OFF.)

See you soon!

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