Friday, 19 June 2020

The Forgotten Hollow Tinies: Part Thirteen - The Final Countdown

Amelia has really been putting her nose to the grindstone in order to keep her promise to Gregory, so with this update, we're doing something a little different. Instead of a chronological piece, you instead get a "snapshot" of each new little Reaper! 

We'll begin with the children who were already in the house:


Nero was just starting to gain an interest in painting when both his and his brother Oscar's birthday came around, and it was time to accept their mysterious fate.

Amelia is always sad to see them go. And it doesn't seem like two seconds before Paige and Quade are joining them (although, like a fool, I only got photos of their teen birthdays, not their adult ones!). Paige has aspirations of becoming a writer, just like her father.

Quade takes after his father too. If it weren't for duty, he'd probably be staying in Forgotten Hollow and moving into the house up the road!

Next up, we have the sisters Rebecca and Sierra. As children, they gain interests in music and art respectively...

... although in its their teen years that they really hit their stride.

Higher skills mean higher grades, and before long, they too are walking off into the sunset.

This leaves us with the little treasure born in the last update - Tae. She's soon toddling about and playing in the family's latest acquisition - a ball pit - with younger siblings... but more on them in a moment!

Like Rebecca, she becomes fascinated with music as a child.

And, after gaining the "Dance Machine" trait in her teen years, she's soon well on her way to becoming the grooviest Reaper on the block.

And now, for the newbies!

U is for Ursula, innocent queen.

(Baby 21 - Ursula Stuart Livingstone)

Ursula came along when Amelia contacted one of her Strangerville military connections, Damon Stuart, to offer him some R&R.

Luckily, he's used to roughing it in the wilderness.

Maybe it's because of her military blood, but Ursula grows into a rather rambunctious toddler, and her energy levels don't drop in her childhood years, either.

Consequently, by the time she's a teen, she's a total fitness fanatic.

As she entered adulthood, I couldn't resist giving her a marine-coloured makeover due to her name. Shame she's not a spellcaster, huh?

She is also the last Livingstone child to leave the household to make room for the future baby Z. So, let's see how her little brothers and sisters are getting on!

V is for Victor, with wisdom unseen.

(Baby 22 - Victor Curious Livingstone)

It was a visit to Brindleton Bay's museum that led Amelia to cross paths with her second Curious Brother, Vidcund. He must be over Circe by now, as they soon hit it off.

(How appropriate! Daddy V for Baby V!)

Unfortunately, they catch the attention of Mortimer Goth, who, as you may remember, fathered Amelia's son Henry. It seems he still holds a flame for our heroine, and doesn't like the blond scientist becoming the target of her affections. Amelia manages to smooth things over, but leaves Vidcund in no doubt about who she's interested in now.

To avoid any more potential public bust-ups, Amelia invites Vidcund back home for a snog...

... which leads to a very steamy shower.

Nothing like a successful experiment, is there, Amelia? Shame the morning sickness had to kick in so soon.

Still, it was worth it for this little darling! 

Interestingly, Victor's parentage means he and his second-oldest half-brother, Benjamin, are also cousins. Then again, that's far from the weirdest thing about this family.

As a curious toddler (pun sort of intended, but he genuinely is a clever boy), Victor's own mop of blond curls comes along.

His childhood brings another one of my little makeovers, and no prizes for guessing who inspired it.

(What can I say? I'm a huge Strangetown fan!)


W for Waiola, rare island flower.

(Baby 23 - Waiola Kealoha Livingstone)

There's nothing like a day at the beach, is there? Sand between your toes, the sun beaming down on your skin, the roll of the ocean waves. Amelia's hunt for yet another baby daddy brings about a brief visit to that tropical island paradise, Sulani.

After sunbathing and a swim, Amelia's eye is caught by a handsome local, Makoa Kealoha. Luckily, his scuba mask doesn't hide his winning smile.

He invites Amelia to check out one of the island's most beautiful landmarks - a waterfall.

It's hidden away. It's a romantic location. Naturally, one thing leads to another.

Amelia winds up coming back to Forgotten Hollow with a very special souvenir.

Her name chosen in honour of Sulani and its culture, Waiola inherits the "Child of the Islands" trait - meaning her paternal homeland is never far from her thoughts. She is able to commune with the island's elemental ghosts - ideal training for a future Reaper - and hopes her employer will allow to her to specialise in conveying the islanders from one paradise to another.


X is for Xanthe - her charm is her power.

(Baby 24 - Xanthe Fletcher Livingstone)

Another baby, another town. Having given up her own chance of a college education, Amelia nevertheless decides to visit Britechester as part of her continuing mission.

(Side note - I LOVE this world. Reminds me very much of home! Now, where did I put my tea?)

She pays a call to Pepper's Pub in the hopes of finding some young-bloods looking for fun. Moments later, she is busting a move by the ping-pong table with a lovely young man called Cameron Fletcher.

University halls (or "dorms", to you Americans - although the British ones are more like sets of apartments) aren't the most private of places, with students coming and going all of the time. So, Amelia invites Cameron to The Old Mausoleum for a little sleepover... even thought sleep may well be off the cards!

Thankfully, one attempt is enough for Amelia to pass her test.

And thus, baby X is another daughter with a rare and beautiful name, which was actually the first name of my old music teacher in high school (thanks, Miss!). But whether or not little Xanthe will be another Livingstone musician is yet to be revealed!


Y is for Yasmin, whose love shall prevail.

(Baby 25 - Yasmin Collette Livingstone)

Amelia's last casual hookup takes place at a tavern in Glimmerbrook, where she dons her top hat and quickly casts her spell on the charming Tomax Collette.

Within minutes, the pair are making magic in a rosebush round the back of the bar.

And some time later, like a rabbit out of the hat, out pops little Yasmin!

I'm afraid I have nothing more to say about this angel right now, because not long after she's settled down into her cradle, her mother makes a call to the man next door...