Friday, 3 April 2020

The Forgotten Hollow Tinies: Part Twelve - Twenty is Plenty


Hi all,

I appreciate this challenge might a bit harder to read than my previous works, due to its rather repetitive nature. But, now that Amelia is nearing her end goal, there's going to be fewer updates between the story interludes. 

So, please bear with me as the plot begins to reach its finale! 

Thanks for reading!

- Blue


Birthdays are an ongoing thing in the Livingstone house. Kirsten, Lucas and Miranda all enter adulthood around the same time -  gaining their marks and heading off to join the Reaper, opening up three new slots in the family for Amelia to fill.

Oscar and Nero learn their toddler skills, and start their school years.

Shortly after that, Amelia is paid a visit by a man named Ruben Hadley - his most distinctive feature being a pair of pitch black eyes. An agent of the Reaper, perhaps?

Oh, well - a baby daddy is a baby daddy!

One quick rock of the casbah later...

... and Amelia is once again in the club. (Although, she's been in it so often, she's pretty much the manager.)

This latest pregnancy results in a daughter.

R for Rebecca - a radiant light.

(Baby 18 - Rebecca Hadley Livingstone)

Luckily, little Rebecca will have peace and quiet in the nursery... for now. Paige and Quade have had their birthdays and become toddlers.

Look at Quade's chin and sinister glare. No prizes for guessing who his father is. Or which toy is his favourite.

As she makes the most of a rare opportunity to relax with a coffee and the newspaper, Amelia spots a story (written by her good friend Lincoln Broadsheet) about an eccentric old pilot whose plane crashed in Strangerville, and who has now adapted it unto a underground bunker, fearing the end of days.

Weird old loner... somebody who could probably use a bit of company...

The pacifiers are forming in Amelia's pupils already.


A quick stop by Erwin Pries' shack gets Amelia directions to the crashed plane, Old Penelope. (She has to bite her tongue to resist making a joke about child support to her former fling.)

As the pilot, George Cahill, makes a rare venture outside to take in the sunshine, he reacts to Amelia with sheer screaming panic. However, there's no need for a mayday, and our heroine soon smooth talks him down and wins him over.

Before too long, things really start to take off between them.

Not wanting to be a bad host, George gives Amelia a tour of his little bunker. Spotting a old battered-up closet in his food storage room, the wannabe momma seizes her opportunity and... ahem... shows the kindly old pilot her runway.

A quick trip to the bathroom lets Amelia know it was worth getting freaky in this freaky town.

As an worn-out George curls up on his bunk for a lie-down, Amelia blows him a kiss, and slips away.

In the days that follow, Nero and Oscar become teenagers...

... and Amelia welcomes another daughter - her name inspired by both the mountains that surround Strangerville and the phonetic alphabet used by her pilot father.

S for Sierra, sweet desert bloom.

(Baby 19 - Sierra Cahill Livingstone)


The small town of Newcrest has undergone major developments in recent years, bringing all sorts of people to live there - including many eligible bachelors. 

After bribing Nero and Oscar to look after their little siblings, Amelia decides to venture to the Newcrest gym one evening, in the hope of meeting another handsome beau who'll give her a baby.

Her quest doesn't take long. Just as she's walking up to the complex, she crosses paths with a charming Korean gentleman, Byeonh-Ho Yuri.

Both being gym-bound, Amelia gets Byeonh-Ho's blood pumping with a passionate kiss.

Later, when they're practically tumbling through the gym doors in their frantic efforts to touch one another, the pair decide to give the exercise machines a miss and head straight to the sauna.

Talk about getting steamy!

After confirming she's got what she came for, Amelia showers off the sweat and heads home. She's had enough of a workout for one day.

The children continue to grow. Paige and Quade start school, with Quade apparently entering a rather fitting "emo" / "rich boy" phase at the same time...

... whilst Rebecca and Sierra are soon up and toddling about.

As for the birth of Baby 20? Well, that's a very special story... one we must save for next time!

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