Sunday, 29 March 2020

Ous & Them - A Quick Play "Breed Out the Weird" Challenge: Generations Six to Ten

Welcome back! We left off at the point where our fifth generation baby, Cari, had blossomed into a very beautiful adult, thanks to her Pries genetics.

Now, in theory, I could have ended the challenge here. Cari's looks are going to be hard to top. But frankly, where's the fun in that? I have five more generations to play with, and I'm going to use them.

That being said, I sent Cari out on a booty call to Forgotten Hollow, to charm a certain dapper vampire...

I think we can call this one a checkmate...

Better still, Cari's fling had the desired outcome.

Baby Six is our first boy - Odie Ous.

A tad hipster for my taste, perhaps, but still - quite a handsome young man. Maybe, to liven things up, we should... breed a little weird back in?

(Note from future self: THIS IS A VERY DUMB IDEA)

Odie is grateful to be male, since it means, unlike his ancestors, he doesn't have to go through the agony of childbirth.

Oh, Odie. Poor, sweet, naive Odie.

Sorry, pal. In this universe, you don't get off that easy. 

(Also, cute top!)

Odie's alien baby - Number Seven - is a daughter, Ingeni Ous.

Once she's in her human disguise, Ingeni is actually quite pretty.

Being a bookworm, she heads to the local library. 

After checking out the librarian...

... she brings him home.

Another oven, another bun!

Ingeni's daughter, Preci Ous - eighth in the family line - sadly inherits a rather awkward genetic trait from her alien mother. 

Her father's features don't seem to have been that stellar, either.

Once again, the Ous family turn to the town's premades to help them out. Preci pays a visit to Johnny Zest.

Please, no purple... please, no purple...

Ah, darn it. Our Generation Nine boy, Bili Ous, very much resembles a grape.

Still, Bili has a charm to him.

It's almost like Nervous Subject had an alien kid.

Whatever child Bili fathers marks the end of the Ous family line - at least, as far as this challenge is concerned. If we've any chance of restoring beauty, we need to bring in the big guns.

I'm sorry about this, Bella. Just give us a pretty baby, and then, you can go straight back to Mortimer. Bili's a nice guy - I promise.

See? I told you.

All right, Bella. You just have to give us a little Venus or Adonis. No pressure.

When a son arrives - Tedi Ous - it seems as if the purple curse is here to stay.

But then, we meet his twin sister, Feraci Ous - who holds much more promise. 

And thus, here is the result of 10 generations of breeding - the adult Tedi and Feraci. 

Perhaps adding alien DNA was a bad move, and maybe I should have saved my trump card, Erwin Pries, for a later generation, but on the whole, I think we could have done a lot worse.

But what do you think? Who is the true beauty of the Ous family? Let me know!

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