Saturday, 28 March 2020

Ous & Them - A Quick Play "Breed Out the Weird" Challenge: Generations One to Five

This ravishing beauty is Heidi Ous.

She just loves to pose!

Heidi has one goal in life: to meet a man and have a baby as fast as humanly possible, in order to hopefully bless the world with one even more beautiful than herself.

(Indeed, my goal for this challenge is "Breed Out the Weird" - to produce the most normal and beautiful looking Sim I can in 10 generations. This is a mechanic similar to an Uglyacy, but with one key difference. As I'm short on time, I'll be treating this as a "quick fire" game: no marriages, immediate labour, and ageing up babies all the way to Young Adult. Anything goes if it helps me get to the end goal quicker. Let's begin!)

Being a dance machine, Heidi decides to head to a nightclub. As she sits down at a table, she catches the eye of Marcus Flex.

She gets back up to groove with him, only for Nancy Landgrabb to turn up and wedge herself between them.

"Oh no you don't, b*tch! He's mine!"

"Hey, Marcus... like what you see?"

You're being rather forward, aren't you, Heidi?

Very forward!

Look at those faces. They know what they did.

And it turns out actions have consequences. Whod've thunk?

Oh, well - any excuse for a photoshoot!

Let's see what Generation 2 brings to the table!

Heidi gives birth to a daughter - Peril Ous. She inherits the blue skin, but if her toddler looks are anything to go by, there seems to have been some improvement.

Peril inherits the pink hair and awkward body shape upon ageing - those hips don't lie! Still, despite Heidi's judging glare, the face is definitely a step in the right direction. You hold your head high, girl!


Despite being lazy by nature, Peril thinks the gym is the best place to meet a man. After spending some time with the Victorian fitness trainer, she goes a-courting.

Her first target is Geoffrey Landgrabb, but things don't get very far. He loves his wife, apparently. Prude.

J. Huntington III, however, is much more interested.

As they head to the sauna, things start to get steamy.

Task complete!

Peril's own labour brings forth another blue-skinned daughter - Malice Ous.

As a toddler, it seems Malice may have inherited a new hair colour...

Ah...perhaps not. Still, there's undeniably some beauty here.

Time to hit the bar!

The Old Quarter Inn in Windenberg is lacking male patrons when Malice arrives, so she makes flirty small talk with the bartender, Jamel.

What she offers him beats a 10 Simoleon tip any day.

Looks like another successful outing!

Thanks to Peril hitting the jackpot on the lottery (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it), her pregnant daughter is able to come home to a luxurious new mansion.

Another generation, another daughter - Jeal Ous. No sign of the blue skin fading, either.

Another red herring toddler hairstyle, perhaps?

No! She's a brunette!

With this, the Ous family takes another step towards normality. But to truly breed out the weird, maybe Jeal needs to get... strange?


There is one man in Strangetown who has brilliant genetics on offer, and I have proof.

So, once she arrives, Jeal makes a beeline for the Curio Shop to meet the colander-clad legend himself - Mr. Erwin Pries.

Jeal seduces him so quickly, you'd swear it was a conspiracy.

Since her tightwad grandma apparently has money for mansions, but not hotel rooms, Jeal is spending the night here in a tent, which she has pitched up next to the local watering hole.

Pretty soon, she's inviting Erwin inside for a... ahem... "guided tour."

Someone should have warned poor Erwin that it's not just the government that's after his DNA.

This baby brings us to the challenge halfway point. Let's see where we stand, shall we?

Yet another girl, Cari Ous - but with peachy skin?!

(I know, Jeal - I'm shocked, too!)

Oh, this is looking good!

Let's hope her adult looks aren't a catastrophe...


Cari still has hints of the awkward hips and chest from the maternal line, but she has her father's skin tone and fiery hair, and her face is very pretty indeed.

This is a good place to leave things for now - will five more generations push us into perfection, or drag us backwards into yet more weirdness?

Wait and see!

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