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Close Encounter Academy - The Pries Misadventures: Part Six

Hello, readers! Welcome back to Windenberg! Only... there's been a few changes around here since your last visit.

As he returned home from a shift at the space base one evening, Isaac was very shocked to learn that his house had gained an extra floor. 

Misty, apparently, brought the builders round... without discussing it with her husband first. All of the bedrooms have been moved upstairs, whilst the downstairs has gained several useful areas - such as a lovely lounge..

... a cosy study...

... and a delightful dining room.

There's six chairs around that table. Count them. Six. Keep that number in your head, folks. And not just because this is the sixth update - although that is a fantastic coincidence I wish I could say was intentional.

Isaac will discuss this impromptu decorating with Misty later. Right now, he can't wait to go and have cuddles with his bouncing baby.

And look! There's little Genesis, sat in the corner, playing on her tablet!

Wait... what?

If that's Genesis, then who's the baby?


Friends, Simmers, and internet dwellers... grab yourself a coffee, and maybe a notepad. If you intend to keep following this story, I've a feeling you're going to need them.


If you clicked onto this hoping for a detailed exploration of Isaac's life, complete with lots of pictures of him, then I'm sorry to disappoint you. The truth is, a lot of time has passed since you last checked in with the colander-crowned astronaut. And he's spent most of it looking like this.

Isaac wanted heirs. Misty wanted a large family. It's a win-win.

As you'll have guessed, the baby you saw Isaac holding in the image above was not Genesis. Indeed, as her name suggests, she was just the beginning. No... that particular bundle of joy was the second-born member of the third generation, and Isaac and Misty's first-born son - Johan.

Whereas Genesis was a calm, inquisitive toddler, Johan was a wild child. Good-natured, but a mischievous fun seeker. If his parents took their eyes off him for two seconds, they'd soon find him doing something he shouldn't. 

Splashing in the toilet, for instance.

Consequently, both Isaac and Misty did their utmost to keep the boy occupied with more useful - and sanitary - pursuits.

When she started school, Genesis quickly became top of the class - possessing a level of geeky genius akin to that of her father, and a lively logical mind.

Johan, on the other hand, was never a great scholar - but his undeniable charm and great sense of humour won him his peers' respect as the class clown. His gags and pranks were as well-constructed as any of Genesis' essays, and while he liked to push the boundaries of what he could achieve, he was never cruel or mean-spirited. Johan's eternal aim and intention was just to have a bit of harmless fun.

For about a year or so, Genesis and Johan were the only residents of the Pries nursery - their time spent as each other's only playmates greatly building up their bond as brother and sister.

However - things soon got a lot more lively.

Now, before I go on, I just want to mention one really important point up front. This update will conclude with the Heir Poll for Generation Three. Whoever winds up wearing the Glowing Crown of Government Paranoia this time around will be heading back to their grandfather's homestead. That means, in addition to establishing the Close Encounter Academy, they will also be solving the Strangerville mystery: hopefully getting those black vans off everyone's back, and ensuring safety for all aliens there - all whilst finding time to meet the human they want to spend the rest of their life with.

In other words - whoever wears the colander fights the Mother.

There's a second and third prize, too. The runner-up will inherit the house they grew up in, and whoever comes closest after that will take up residence in Erwin's old home in Oasis Springs, where their uncle Lincoln now lives. (Having seen his brother go through five pregnancies, Lincoln has firmly decided that baby making is not for him, and has changed his will accordingly.)

Now that's been established... welcome to the lightning round.


Isaac and Misty's third child was another daughter - Anya. Notably, she was the only baby of this generation to inherit her mother's skin tone, not her father's.

If Genesis inherited her father's brains, Anya got the athleticism. She raced around the house from the moment she could toddle. Isaac wound up buying building blocks to give her another outlet for her boundless energy.

She now spends several happy hours after school clambering all over the jungle gym - acting out pretend versions of her father's intergalactic adventures.

Is this wannabe adventurer the person Strangerville needs to take down the Mother?


Next came Jean-Luc. From the day he was born, he was lost in a dream world.

Soon, Jean-Luc would channel his creative visions into colourful scribbles and heartfelt drawings. But one dream that doesn't vanish when the boy wakes up is his desire to become an artist.

Big problems sometimes require creative solutions. Just like the captain of the Enterprise, is Jean-Luc destined to go where no man has gone before?

Isaac's final pregnancy led to the birth of twins - Jamie and Juliette.

Jamie is another creative soul, but the muse that blesses him is not the one that visits Jean-Luc. The younger boy's medium isn't paint and ink, but playing an instrument. He's stuck with a violin for now, but has high hopes of one day owning a guitar. He's even started work on his rockstar attire.

Perhaps music can calm the savage beast that haunts Strangerville?

Juliette, meanwhile, is a calm and loving soul who favours a more quiet lifestyle. She often can be found in the garden, sat among the flowers - taking in the beauty of nature.

The Mother is a plant. Perhaps the youngest Pries child has the "flower power" necessary to overcome it, and to bring peace back to a troubled city?

Going back to Johan (who's now a teen), the boy has been giving some thought to his future career. He's decided to follow his heart, and to use his gift for gags to try his hand at being a comedian. He practises his routine regularly, and is improving all of the time.

Quick-thinking, good at winning people over, able to stay calm under pressure... could jokester Johan have what it takes to knock the Mother dead?

As for Genesis, she is on the verge of young adulthood - meaning the time to choose an heir is nigh, just in case she's the one selected. Her academic career has continued to prosper as she grows into a bookish but beautiful young lady.

She's also very caring and responsible, having helped to look after her younger siblings for the majority of her life.

Isaac loves all of his children very much, but he must admit - it's nice to have another intellectual around. She's also an excellent chess opponent.

Isaac's other regular opponent is his best friend, Jett Campbell - the gentleman you caught a glimpse of earlier. He often comes around the house for chess, coffee and a catch-up.

Jett's new to the neighbourhood. In fact, he's new to Earth entirely. Isaac actually first met him on Sixam. He's a fellow alien.

So - there we have it. Our half-dozen heirs. Isaac and Misty couldn't be prouder.

And neither could their grandfather.

(Look at Erwin's happy face. That's the smile of a man who knows his blood will one day run in the veins of nearly everyone in the nation. He's a patriarch.)

But the question remains... who will wear the colander crown?

That's for you to decide!

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