Sunday, 15 December 2019

The Forgotten Hollow Tinies: Part Ten - Romans, Vampires and Romantic Desires

Our journey to baby N is going to be a whistle-stop tour, I'm afraid, as it turns out I wasn't the best at getting screenshots during this particular pregnancy. However, there'll be a bit more story later on - as well as some improved graphics, thanks to me finally getting a new laptop! That sounds like a fair trade-off, right? Right?

Anyway, let's dive in!

Amelia's constant flirting, as well as her practising her pick-up lines in the mirror, finally leads to her mastering the Charisma skill. She now holds sway over any potential suitor.

Unfortunately for Mitchell, he is put on the back burner yet again, as Amelia is in the mood for something a bit more... classical. In other words, she is open to a Roman invasion.

Having rated Lucian Virgil an X out of X, our heroine invites him around to smooch up a storm - and things quickly head to the cubiculum.

"Veni, vidi, vici" indeed.

The Roman's conquering has the desired outcome...

... and after a calm, uneventful pregnancy, Amelia welcomes another son, whom she graces with an emperor's name.

N is for Nero, all hail, Ave!

(Baby 14 - Nero Laetorius Livingstone)

Let's hope he doesn't share the madness of his namesake!

Meanwhile, Jules has been bringing a little friend home from school every couple of days. A feisty little girl, with a quick wit, and hair as red as flame.

Whilst serving the kids a snack, Amelia Zara makes small talk with her little guest. It turns out she is another Amelia - Miss Amelia Broadsheet. She lives with her father over in Oasis Springs... and seemingly, there's no mother on the scene.

Amelia hopes Jules stays friends with this little one for some time, and that she'll visit often. After all, she can always find some excuse to drop the girl off at home if she finds herself in desperate need of a baby daddy...


Another city, another manhunt. Magnolia Promenade is today's destination. Even if Amelia doesn't leave with a suitor (although that's not a likely scenario), she can at least pick up a nice outfit and some cute accessories while she's here.

She starts with a coffee at the local bar, just to get the blood pumping ahead of a busy day. Even here, she catches the eye of a Strangerville soldier, who's in town on leave. Amelia always did like a man in uniform. She makes sure to get his number.

Whilst browsing the racks at a fashionable boutique, Amelia is approached by the shop assistant, Ruben Hadley, who asks if he can help her with anything. Mustering up her masterful Charisma, Amelia makes her needs very clear to him.

Shopping swiftly turns to snogging - but sadly, the couple's fun is interrupted by the arrival of another customer.


All right. That's it. I can take a hint. Clearly, Mr. Kalani can't wait one more moment to be with his beloved Amelia. 

No more excuses. This fish is firmly on the hook, so it's time to reel him in.

Back to the Old Mausoleum we go!

With passions already bubbling, Amelia decides it's time for some fun in the hot tub.

One quick trip to the bathroom later...

... and Amelia has some good news to share.

However, before Mitchell can think about doing anything stupid - like proposing - Amelia throws him a towel, hastily bids him goodbye, and promises to call him. (She won't.)

Ah, Mitchell. You're a good guy. Were this any other challenge, I'd let you stay around. But you've served your purpose, and your enduring presence might make things awkward. Go find yourself a nice girl who's not committed to any supernatural promises, OK?

All the best, pal.


Time for more birthdays!

Kirsten, Lucas and Miranda grow into a terrifyingly energetic trio of toddlers.

Ianto is able to help them out with skills at first...

... but when he achieves an "A" grade, it's time for him to embrace his destiny.

Thankfully for Amelia, as the now grown-up Ianto leaves home to begin his Reaping career, her little night owl Jules has also achieved a "A" grade. Let's re-light the candles!

Jules' birthday appears to trigger the arrival of his wisdom teeth - but they're a lot more centralised and pointed than usual. Also, he politely refuses a slice of of birthday cake, claiming he now has an appetite for... something else.

At this point, allow me to pose a question. Do vampires even need a Grim Reaper?

(Well, they can be slain, I guess...)

With his supernatural powers now fully manifested, Jules undergoes an appropriately Gothic makeover - aiming for "sinister, yet stunning".

Blood isn't the only thing he's got a thirst for, either. Like his famously promiscuous mother, Jules is ready for some romance... but instead of forming some vampire harem, he wants one beautiful bride to be his eternal, immortal love. His destiny and duty be damned: Reaper or no Reaper, he will find his special someone.

In fact, he already has a "someone" in mind...


Over in Oasis Springs, Amelia Broadsheet - now a teenager too - is up late reading. Her father has long since retired to bed, and she has the living room all to herself.

After finishing the latest chapter, she decides to head to the kitchen for a soda. On her way back, she is startled by a black, fuzzy bat, flapping around wildly in the corridor.

In a haze of black smoke, the animal transforms into a familiar friend.

Before a shocked Amelia can ask any questions, Jules takes hold of her hand. Declarations of love pour out of his mouth like a tidal wave, making Amelia swoon. Truth be told, Jules and his new style have already set her heart ablaze. 

Soon, the young man's mouth is too busy to talk, as he locks lips with Amelia passionately - sharing their very first kiss.

Mere moments afterwards, it is Amelia who is dragging her new beau to the sofa for a major make-out session.

Jules' trembling, however, is not caused only by excitement, but by thirst. The last thing he wants to do is hurt Amelia in any way, but at the end of the day - he's a vampire. He needs a fix of blood. And soon. 

Brushing a hand against Amelia's neck, the temptation becomes too much to bear. Perhaps, if he's quick, it won't hurt too much? She might even become a vampire herself. Then, they can be together forever.

Jules uses another tight embrace as a way to pull his dearest Amelia up onto her feet. As she buries her head into his shoulder, her eyes closing blissfully, Jules secretly assumes his Dark Form. He moves his mouth towards her neck, bears his fangs... and bites, drinking deep.

Before he can fully quench his thirst, however, Jules is pulled off of his beloved by her outraged father - the conspiracy theorist and journalist, Lincoln Broadsheet, demanding to know what the hell this fiend is doing to his daughter.

(Side note - I know an able-bodied Lincoln goes against Urbz and Sims 2 PSP canon, but given that this game lacks any disability representation, I'm presenting this as an alternative reality where he never had the accident that cost him the use of his legs. No offence intended, folks.)

Jules isn't perturbed by this interruption for long. Tapping into his new unearthly powers, he decides to cast a spell on Lincoln - his eyes blazing with mysterious magic as he wiggles his claws.

Seconds later, Lincoln drops to the floor with a thud - having been sent hurtling back into the arms of Morpheus.

Still... he won't forget about this when he wakes up.

As he confidently slicks back his hair with his hand, Jules re-assumes his normal, charming appearance, and leads Amelia to the door - ready and eager to take her out on the town. Scratching idly at the two tiny bite marks at her neck, Amelia links arms with her new boyfriend, and the couple step out into the night.


Back in Forgotten Hollow, the other Amelia is also up late - but not with worry for her teenage son. Instead, her concerns - and her increasing pains - are due to the imminent arrival of her latest child.

As the sun rises, the Livingstone family tree grows another male branch.

O is for Oscar, star that impresses.

(Baby 15 - Oscar Kalani Livingstone)

After tucking Oscar up in his cot, Amelia peeps into the nursery - smiling as she spots all three toddlers asleep in their little beds, the first few beams of the sun lighting up their little faces. 

Another quick check in the second bedroom - the one usually shared by the older children - reveals Jules is likewise slumbering... laid on his back, his arms crossed over his chest. A soft breeze blows in through the window, rustling the blackout curtains. Amelia could have sworn it was closed last night, but hey - we all misremember things, don't we?

Contented, but exhausted, Amelia heads off to bed.


  1. Ahh, so many cute babies :O I like the addition of one of the characters from the GBA game as well, and I love the expressions you capture in your screenshots as well. I do love that this challenge is just leading people on and then running off with their children. XD Awesome job!