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The Forgotten Hollow Tinies: Part Nine - Unlucky for Some (or, A Few Good Men)

We rejoin Amelia in Oasis Springs, where she is recruiting new paramours - she still needs plenty of phone numbers to add to her little black book of baby-makers. 

At local lounge the Solar Flare, there's an immediate spark between her and Mitchell here. Maybe he's next in line?

Then again, this city seems to offer more choice than a chocolate box. Not only is the lounge teeming with men (all of whom, incidentally, Amelia introduces herself to)...

... but the museum has a few handsome gents roaming its halls, too. Amelia makes a beeline for this fellow, who's apparently mistaken a blank easel for an exhibit.

Conversation reveals that he has the rather grand name of "Atticus"... and he'll be familiar to fans of cynicalbadger (a.k.a Fionerd Plays). He's one of the many children born as part of her 100 Bairn Challenge. Given his heritage, perhaps he's more sympathetic to her plight? They certainly seems to be flirting up a storm.

Uh-oh. It seems Mitchell followed us here - and he's not happy.

Wait, who's this guy? 

Oh, yeah... he was at the lounge too. Hoo boy.

Not wanting to lose a potential baby daddy, Amelia hastily drags Mitchell outside for an apology kiss...

... then decides to head home before things turn ugly. I mean, she is still pregnant with the child of Erwin Pries, so there isn't much more she can do right now, anyway.

You think three men would be enough for one day, but no. Just before she reaches her garden gate, Amelia spots another potential prospect over the road in the park. (She must have very good eyesight. Advanced Daddy-vision, perhaps?)

Amelia hurries over there and makes herself known.

She joins her new acquaintance, whose name is Davis Childers, in his chess game - just to help break the ice. Davis might end up with the checkmate, but it's Queen Amelia who truly catches a king.

Still, winning hearts is exhausting work. With her fourth conquest of the day complete, Amelia decides she really does need to head home. 

Thankfully, she's able to grab some food and a sit-down without being disturbed, since Gabriel is doing a great job looking after the babies.

In fact, he's doing so well, Amelia has time to work on her Charisma skill...

... and to do a spot of painting. 

I hope her newest piece doesn't represent what she feels like right now.

Sadly, this evening of peace and quiet doesn't last long. It's suddenly interrupted by an incoming little Reaper! 

(Er... Gabriel... you're being a great big brother and all, but you might not want to stay around for this.)

And so, The Mother of Strangerville takes on a whole new meaning!

L is for Lucas, all lightness and love.

(Baby 12 - Lucas Pries Livingstone)


Now that's she ready to have another baby, Amelia invites over one of her new companions. But which of her lovers is on the line?

Sorry, Mitchell... you'll get your chance eventually! But as soon as I saw Atticus, I knew that he was next. All the same, he seems a little blue.

Never mind. I'm sure Amelia will soon cheer him up.

Her paintings have been bringing in plenty of money recently, so she's had some extra funds for a few luxuries. Her latest purchase is out in the garden, and is sure to spice up her love life. Atticus will be the first fellow to try it out with her.

Looks like they enjoyed themselves! But was their little session... productive?

Another positive test! Baby M - or in other words, Baby 13, our halfway point - is on the way!

Amelia isn't the only one who's had good luck with tests lately. Gabriel got an A in school, so it's time for him to become a adult! 

Sadly, the cake glitched out on me, so I missed the actual moment of transition, but you can just about see his Reaper mark through his open shirt buttons.

After saying his goodbyes, it's time for him to join his older siblings in their eternal, eerie servitude. Good luck, Gabriel!

He's not the only one getting older, either! Jules has become a toddler. Weirdly, he seems to have more energy at night than in the daytime... there might be a few sleepless nights in store for Amelia.

Ianto even stays up past his usual bedtime to play with him.

As for Henry, he enters his teenage years.

I just had to dress him in a fancy, Goth style outfit. He's Mortimer's son, after all.

Henry is keeping the Study Buddies going strong.

And for his high school skill, he's taken up the violin.

While he practises, Jules gets acquainted with the baby in Mummy's tummy. Poor Amelia seems exhausted already - it's not going to get any easier for you, I'm afraid!


Given that she now has no shortage of men waiting in the wings, Amelia spends her pregnancy resting at home and helping her children build up skills. There's no urgent need for her to flirt with any -


This unexpected visitor - this roamin' Roman - isn't in fancy dress. He's Lucian Virgil Laetorius, and he's from a special household I created on a whim one day: a trio of historic bachelors lost in time, and looking for love whilst they're stranded here in the modern age. 

I put the household into an empty lot in Oasis Springs on the off-chance they might turn up somewhere, but I never expected one of them to literally walk right up to our heroine's doorstep!

Amelia, you can rest later - go grab that gladiator!

There's a story about a Roman called Egalabalus, whose party guests were smothered with rose petals. Don't worry, Lucian - these petals come straight from Venus herself!

After getting his phone number (it's written in Is, Xs and Vs, but I'm sure she'll work it out later), Amelia bids him "Vale" for now. 

(Mitchell, with regret, you may have just been bumped down the waiting list again!)

Thanks to Amelia's help on the skills front, the coming days bring another wave of birthdays. Jules enters childhood and starts school.

The long hair was chosen by the game as he aged up, but I decided to keep it. I reckon it suits him. He still seems to be a night owl - Amelia sure hopes those folk tales she keeps hearing about The Old Mausoleum being built on a dark ley line are just stuff and nonsense!

Meanwhile, Ianto moves up into his teens, and decides to adopt his father's club-lovin' style.

Yeah... I've a feeling Ianto will end up being the Reaper who collects souls that have partied just a little too hard.

As for Henry, he flies towards that A grade, and enters adulthood: gaining his Reaper mark, which, as a Goth, he probably appreciates.

One out, one in! As we bid Henry farewell, Amelia goes into labour.

And our lucky baby 13 is a girl!

M for Miranda, who brings us half-way.

(Baby 13 - Miranda Bairn Livingstone)

As I'm writing this, I'm listening to Lady Gaga's song "Marry the Night". I'm starting to think it makes a great theme tune for this challenge.

Anyway, that's all for now. As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Stay spooky, my friends!

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