Saturday, 25 May 2019

The Forgotten Hollow Tinies: Part Eight - The Strangerville Experiment

We rejoin Amelia on another one of her little outings. With the release of the Strangerville pack, we have a whole new neighbourhood to explore... and if any of you were following my Simblr or Simstagram earlier in the year (long time, no update - sorry!), you all knew exactly who I had in mind as Amelia's next target.

Well, isn't this just the most charming little curio shop? And its charm is only increased by the presence of its owner - the "adorkable", geekily sweet Erwin Pries.

Wanting to be friendly, Erwin chats away to Amelia about aliens, weird plants and conspiracy theories... but Amelia is far more interested in sweet talk. After all, she's not here to solve the Strangerville mystery, but to fulfil a different mission entirely. Within minutes, our dorky little pumpkin is putty in her hands.

Is that the first time you've ever been kissed a woman, Erwin? You seem pretty shocked.

Oh, wait, hold up... it looks like he's getting into it now. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

Alas, Amelia is still pregnant with Travis Scott's baby, so this as far as things can go. Our extra-terrestrial enthusiast has to stay on the back burner for now. Still, that make-out session seems to have turned him into quite the motivated seller!


Thanks to Amelia's... ahem... "prolificacy", birthdays are a near-daily occurrence in the Livingstone household. Today, it's time for Gabriel to enter his teenage years.

His style continues to be influenced by his father Indigo. He's looking sharp, don't you think?

Gabriel isn't the one that's growing up. On a sadder note, Freyja has reached adulthood, and it's time for her to leave the nest, gain the ethereal tattoo, and join the Reaping business. Good luck!

For the first time, all the children left in the Livingstone house are boys. Gabriel, as the eldest by quite some way, knows that he has to set a good example, and help his mum out with the child-rearing. He starts by tutoring his toddler brother Henry about healthy food. (Or possibly trees.)

With that new knowledge, Henry becomes ready to progress into childhood... a birthday, that, on this occasion, I forgot to get screengrabs of. (Watcher darn it!)

Ianto, now a toddler (gosh, another missed birthday - what is wrong with me?), also passes the days trying to build up his skills. Soon enough, he discovers that the building blocks can be used for - drumroll - building! A major breakthrough!

So, here they are... the three Livingstone brothers. (Four, actually, if you include little Jules, who's still in the crib.) Who knows? If they weren't destined to serve the Reapers, they could have been a more famous fraternal team than the Curious clan. 

Uh-oh! Baby incoming! Will baby K be another brother?

Nope - we have ourselves another girl!

K is for Kirsten, sent from above.

(Baby 11 - Kirsten Scott Livingstone)

Once the new arrival has settled in, and Gabriel has been ordered politely offered to babysit, Amelia starts looking up a number in the Strangerville telephone directory.


For her date with Erwin, Amelia decides to set up something a little different. Since our curio shop owner friend takes great interest in what comes from the stars, their date will involve spending the night out together under them. 

Knowing that they'll need privacy for Amelia to... ahem... "fulfil her task", a tent is a necessary purchase. But, since she can't stray too far from her babies, Amelia and her latest fling will be camping in the scenic location of The Old Mausoleum - i.e. her backyard.

The plan works brilliantly. Erwin is perfectly happy to lay next to Amelia on the lawn, gazing up at the vast galaxies together.

Amelia's mind, however, isn't on constellations, but consummation. As Erwin jabbers away enthusiastically about secret government experiments, Amelia takes his hand, leads him to the tent, and asks him if he fancies doing a little experimenting of his own.

The procedure goes well... but are the results positive? One quick pregnancy test later, and Amelia is pleased to announce her findings - the answer is a resounding "yes"!

I'll round off this update with one more birthday - this time, with pictures!

Following his building block revelation, Ianto has made swift progress. He's completed Walking 101, grasped the basics of Simlish conversation, and now knows that the potty's primary purpose isn't sailing his toy boat in it. He's ready to start school, and join Henry and Gabriel in the Study Buddies!

And with baby L on the way, we're almost halfway through the challenge! Amelia will win her place in Paradise yet - I'm sure of it!

Then again, who knows what the future holds? Especially when the Grim Reaper is involved...