Monday, 4 February 2019

My Monstrous Valentine: Episode Two - Breakdowns and Bowling

Welcome back to the Monster Mansion... where we've decided to shake things up a bit.

That's right, Sarah - no more card table! All you girls have been doing is playing poker. Seriously, it's been gamble, gamble, gamble, day in, day out. I mean, what does gambling have to do with competition, anyway?

No worries, though: as a replacement, Ms. Producer said you could have a pool!

Oh. I must have misread the memo.

Still, looks like Wesley appreciates it!

Wesley has calmed down since his moon-howling session, but for Zara, we've had to call in the team psychiatrist.

After a bit of fun with some hypnotism, he soon has her back on her feet.

Following a quick wash (in the shower room, no less - well done, girl!), Zara very much feels like her old self again.


Day Four begins with Sarah getting up bright and early, and cooking breakfast. In fact, she's been in the kitchen for quite some time. She's just sort of... standing there, not moving at all.

Oh, crumbs.

Well, I can't risk Wesley repairing her. If he dies, the challenge is an automatic fail. Thankfully, it looks like our alien mechanic Alina is willing to have a try.

Well, shes very familiar with advanced technology, after all. I genuinely don't see this going wrong OH COME ON!

Luckily for Alina, she survives this mishap, and decides to walk away before any more damage is done.

For Sarah, however, it's sadly the end of the road. A breakdown for a Servo technically counts as a death, since it seems none of the contestants nor our all-important bachelor have the skills to repair her. 

Thus, after a quick call to our team mechanic to get her up and running, Sarah has just enough time to say goodbye before the Elimination Taxi arrives.

As we bid farewell to our Servo friend, Ms. Producer has just announced that she's been having a rethink over the rules. Perhaps a change of scene is just what our contestants need. Time for a group date!


Our venue for today is the nearby Meteor Strike bowling alley, where our bachelor and contestants will be able to play together, eat together, and have a bit of fun and bonding time outside of the Monster Mansion.

Wesley strikes out on his own pretty quickly.

But don't worry: soon enough, all of the ladies are getting in on the fun!

Hey, wait a minute! You there! Purple shirt! Who the heck are you? If you wanted to be a contestant, you should have auditioned, just like everyone else! Get out of here before I call Security!

During the outing, Zara makes the mistake of letting her guard down. A outside runner seizes her opportunity, and hogs Wesley's attention, eager to win him over.

That outsider is Alina. Perhaps the space theme of the venue has reminded her of home and put her at ease. Needless to say, things soon start hotting up.

The couple even share a joke at Zara's expense! 

If the zombie - our current score leader - wants to maintain her significant lead, she'll need to intervene, and quick!

Unluckily for her, she's too busy being distracted by Heather... who is causing quite the stir as she struggles with her own issues.

Therefore, by the time the group date is over, our playing field has become a lot more level.

During dinner, both Zara and Alina are in full-on seduction mode: trying to charm Wesley out of his swimming trunks as they charge fervently towards victory.

However, Heather's antics at the bowling alley did little to help her already poor relationship score with Wesley. As midnight rolls around, our wildcard entrant is the next to be eliminated.

Look at Alina's grin. That is the smile of a warrior who's just seen their enemy fall.

As she sits in the Elimination Taxi, Heather looks genuinely sad. Perhaps she was starting to really like Wesley. If that was the case, maybe she should have tried a bit harder to win him over.

And with that, three contestants remain! Will our next group date do anything to affect the rankings?

Tune in next time for more Beastly Bachelor: My Monstrous Valentine!

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