Friday, 1 February 2019

My Monstrous Valentine: A Beastly Bachelor Challenge - Introduction: Meet the Contestants

Hello there!

This is going to be a fun, casual Bachelor Challenge for's Valentines 2019 event - with a supernatural twist!

I will be using the relaxed rules as suggested by itsjulie on the original forum post: the characters are very much in control of what will happen, leading to a less rigid writing style.



Meet Wesley Valentine - aged 31.

He may look nerdy, but he has a real passion for fitness, and he appreciates the value of hard work, too. With a positive outlook on life and a friendly personality, you'd think Wesley would have no trouble getting a girl, right?


Wesley is a chronic singleton. Now, he's not afraid of commitment, or anything like that: he longs for the day he meets a tolerant, open-minded lady who'd be willing to share her life with him. But if his personality isn't the problem, then what is?

Well, you see... Wesley has a secret. In the daytime, he comes across as your regular average Joe. But, at night, when the moon rises, a completely different side to him is... unleashed.

Yep. Wesley Valentine, aged 31 - werewolf.

As you can imagine, Wesley's condition makes him nervous about potentially meeting women. There's only so many times you can cancel a date on a full moon without questions being asked. So, in desperation, he applied to our new show, Beastly Bachelor - with me, Blue, as your hostess - where we'll introduce him to seven lovely ladies, most of whom are in similar circumstances, staying with him in our gothically glamorous Monster Mansion! 

As he gets to know the girls over the next ten or so days, he will begin to say goodbye to those he bonds with less than the others - until finally, the last lady left standing will win a fabulous prize... a brand new car!

(Oh, and Wesley's love too, presumably.)

So, without further ado, here are our six supernatural beauties - along with our wildcard!


Life state: Alien
Age: 27 in Earth years
Hometown: Thgirw Lliw, Sixam, Gamma Quadrant

New on the scene following a UFO crash landing, Alina is very excited to learn more about life on Earth - and to hopefully win the car so she can scavenge it for parts to repair her ship and head home. Unless, of course, Wesley gives her a reason to stay. Could their relationship be out of this world?


Life state: Zombie
Age: Bitten at age 28
Hometown: Pleasantview

Zara used to have quite an active social life - until a recent zombie invasion left her going at a rather slower pace. Hopefully, despite his love of fitness, Wesley will be prepared to take things easier with this aspiring soulmate... as well as offering intelligent conversation. After all, if there's one thing Zara likes in a man, it's brains.


Life state: Witch
Age: 30
Hometown: Veronaville

Winona knows what you're all thinking, and she insists that she's not wicked. She just has... a rather grey morality, that's all. Anyway, this witchy woman hopes to put a spell on Wesley - and not with wands and chants, either. Could she make his life magical?


Life state: Vampire
Age: 379 (turned at age 29)
Hometown: Veronaville

Who says vampires and werewolves don't mix? True, Wesley may be more of a morning person by choice, which doesn't suit Viola's schedule, but at least she won't have any trouble staying up and checking on him during his nighttime hunts. Plus, she promises that she won't drain him dry. (Financially, that is.)


Life state: Plantsim
Age: 33
Hometown: Pleasantview

Poppy has a passion for all things natural - her two favourite hobbies are gardening and walking in local parks. Since a nice jog in some beauty spot always cheers Wesley up, perhaps the great outdoors is something they could bond over? Let's just hope Poppy can potentially cope with Wesley occasionally digging up her flowerbeds...


Life state: Servo
Age: Latest model
Hometown: Strangetown

She may be made of metal, but Sarah is far from cold and harsh. Along with the highest artificial intelligence, she comes equipped with the latest emotional and personality-related technologies, making her just as unique and capable of love as any of the other contestants. She's looking forward to receiving Wesley's input, and hopes, like her casing, that their relationship will be built to last.


Life state: Human
Age: 31
Hometown: Strangetown

Our wildcard contestant, Heather works for a local marketing agency, and in her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym, playing piano and watching movies. In addition, unlike all seven of her future housemates, she is, quite literally, all natural - no magic or mutations in sight. True, this might make her seem like a plain Jane by comparison, but perhaps a dose of normality is just what Wesley needs?

As our contestants arrive at the Monster Mansion, let's see what the first few days have in store for us! Who'll rush out of the blocks in the race to claim Wesley's heart (not to mention the car), and who'll be playing the long game?

Stay tuned!


  1. I love this already, what a great idea. Can't wait for the next one.

  2. Hi =]
    Cool Idea! I'll be keeping up with your updates. =D