Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Blue and Geekling's Bow-Wow Bachelorette: Part Two (FINALE)

Welcome back!

Three little doggos remain in the competition: Sayuri the Shiba Inu, Charlotte the English Cocker Spaniel, and Jack the Jack Russell. 

We start today with a test: how will they all respond to a hug from Mitzi?

Looks like they all enjoyed it a lot! Although it appears Sayuri has fleas again... time for another round of baths!

Er... Mitzi? I'm pretty sure that's not how you wash a dog.

Ah, yes - that's more like it!

After a quick midnight snack of hot dogs (rather ironic choice, don't you think?) -

- it's time for Mitzi to hit the hay. Again, Sayuri keeps guard over her: no chickening out!

The next morning, the doggies all autonomously squabble for Mitzi's attention...

... whilst our newly hired maid arrives to clean up the various pooch-created puddles that have popped up around Casa Canina.

It turns out this handsome fellow is also a Jack - Jack Robinson, to be precise. Will Mitzi end up having two special Jacks in her life? Time will tell!

As noon arrives, it's time to bid farewell to... Charlotte the English Cocker Spaniel!

Here she is in her new forever home with owner Johnny Cochran. His love of fishing and gathering perfectly compliments Charlotte's hunter trait, and they both enjoy spending as much time as they can outdoors.

Meanwhile, Mitzi jumps into her car with our two finalists - Jack calling shotgun. Where could they be headed?

Wherever it is, the pups certainly seem excited to be there!

And no wonder! It's the dog park! A day of fun is guaranteed.

As our contest reaches its peak, neither dog shows any sign of backing down. They wear Mitzi out by constantly demanding games, belly rubs and her full attention.

Just look at these two. It's going to be so hard saying goodbye to one of them tomorrow!

Nightfall brings a full moon, and the chance of further zombie attacks. Mitzi's taking no chances - she rushes the pups back to the car and heads straight home, locking them all up safely inside the house.

Even now, Sayuri has her eyes on the prize. She begs Mitzi for more playtime - causing a jealous Jack to lash out destructively.

As Mitzi retires to bed, Sayuri once again settles down to sleep beside her.

Sadly... it will be for the final time.

It was an extremely close and hard-fought competition. But, when our final midday rolls around, the result show that Jack the Jack Russell has won by a nose!

Sayuri gets one amazing consolation prize, though. Mitzi is guaranteed to remain in her life after she is taken in by her friends and next-door neighbours: an Anglo-Japanese family, the Nakamuras. 

This full house consists of elder matriarch Azumi, her son Izanagi, his wife Ashleigh, and their three children: teenage Kenji, child Koemi, and toddler Miki. Between them, they have plenty of love and attention to lavish on our runner-up.

But who's the little fella with the white fur?

This is the Nakamuras' other family dog - another Shiba Inu by the name of Shiro. He swiftly takes a shine to the new arrival, and the feeling is mutual. It's love at first sight!

Within the week, the couple are happily living together in their little doghouse, and have puppies on the way!

And they're not the only ones with baby news. Shortly after Christopher the Collie becomes a guard dog to the Frayles' new daughter, Starla...

... we receive word that Rex Dubose, Dingle the Dalmatian's owner, has fallen in love with Katherine Merchant, owner of Annabel the Akita - moving in with her and her son Mike. 

With the two dogs now in one household, a romance swiftly blossoms between them as well, and soon, they welcome two cross-breed puppies of their own: Chloe and Maynard.

(Aren't they adorable? They remind me of little hyenas!)

Anyway, back to our proud winner, and our overjoyed Bachelorette. After Mitzi covers Jack in smoochies and brushes his fur, he's ready for a victory walk down to the dog park.

And so, as these two stroll together into a glorious future, Geekling and I thank you for reading, and bid you farewell. Stay fantastic!

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