Wednesday, 23 January 2019

The Forgotten Hollow Tinies: Part Six - Goth in More Ways than One

After she recovers from her eldest daughter's departure, Amelia gets straight back into her mission. Her hunting ground for today is the stunning Von Haunt estate in Windenburg.

As she explores the greenery-filled gardens, she spots a painter stood upon a balcony above her. 

Now being quite skilled with the paintbrush herself, she considers this a potentially good starting point for conversation, and decides to check him out.

Alas, he isn't quite as... lively ... as she might have liked.

Can you even have babies with a ghost? Well... he's a handsome one, at least. Shoot, it's worth a shot, right? Even with Bella Goth apparently getting in our way. 

You stay out of this - Amelia's calling dibs!

Alas, Bernard doesn't seem interested in attempting to conceive a ghost-mortal hybrid. Despite her most enchanting introduction, he rejects Amelia's advances.

I'll admit it, Bernard ... I'm rather surprised. After all, couldn't that woman you're painting have been Amelia in a previous life? Am I the only one here who sees a resemblance?

In any case, Amelia is turned down - and her failure amuses Bella greatly.

Now, I'm not a vengeful person by nature. But... first of all, Bella tries to disrupt Amelia's mission-required romancing techniques, and now, she's laughing at her misfortune?


Well, looky here. It just so happens that Bella's husband, Mortimer Goth, has joined her on her trip to the gardens.

In a second, Amelia's next target is decided. Rather than being a dish best served cold, her revenge is going to be more like a pizza: hot, spicy, and preferably in her hands within half an hour.

Right away, Amelia tries her most flirtatious introduction on Mortimer. And even with his wife STANDING RIGHT THERE, he's caught hook, line and sinker.

Within minutes, the cheeky chat and fluttering eyelashes escalates into a full-on snog-fest.

Bella is not happy about this at all.

Really, Mortimer... you should be more like Bernard. At least he's loyal to his woman. 

(I like you, Bernard. I forgive you for turning Amelia down.)

Unfortunately for Bella, Mortimer's stinging cheek and bruised pride only forces him to seek more comfort in Amelia's ready and willing arms.

A quick venture together into the house/museum section of the Von Haunt Estate reveals the most charming bedroom on the upper floor. Sadly, it's all cordoned off by velvet ropes.

Pfft! Yeah, right! As if that's going to stop them! They sneak underneath, and within seconds, they're at it in the grand, satin-sheeted antique bed.

Once that's done and dusted, Amelia can't wait to take a pregnancy test. Luckily, the house has a bathroom too.

(Let's just hope that toilet isn't for display purposes only...)

Mission accomplished!

After getting dressed and heading out of the manor house, Amelia spots Bella looking for her husband near the porch. Naturally, she becomes the first person to hear our good news.

And here, ladies and gentlemen, we see the face of a betrayed and horrified woman.

With nothing more needed to be said, our gothic matriarch walks off with a proud grin.

Bella Goth has learned a harsh but important lesson today: you do not mock Amelia Zara Livingstone.


Back at The Old Mausoleum, Benjamin is being an awesome big brother by spraying the monster under his younger sisters' beds. (Clara doesn't actually mind it - she's into those kinds of spooky things - but Dahlia would really like to get a good night's sleep.)

Sadly, he can't stick around here forever. Like all of the other Livingstone children, he's growing up... and today is his birthday. 

As soon as he blows out the candles, he receives the Reaper's mark.

And so, we must bid farewell to Benjamin as he ventures forth to begin his supernatural duties.

Benjamin's birthday is merely the first of a flurry that occurs during Amelia's latest pregnancy. Einin grows up into a child...

... and becoming "Active", she immediately celebrates by doing press-ups. (She's Miles Bandura's daughter, all right!)

Looks like a sporty-style makeover is in order!

She's not the only one on a fitness kick, either. Amelia is still running along merrily on her treadmill to tone up, blasting alternative music from a speaker...

... and has also taken up gardening, planting crops close to the gravestones.

(All right, all right - you probably know what I'm doing, and it's probably against the rules, but I don't play for points, and I don't really consider it cheating... just taking advantage of an in-built game mechanic to "even out the balance". Besides, you folks want a good mix of spares for your legacies and challenges, right?)

I was worried Einin might be rejected by the close-knit Clara and Dahlia, but I needn't have feared. They love spending time with her, and she gets welcomed straight into the Study Buddies.

Soon after, little Freyja blossoms into a rather clingy toddler.

The dollhouse swiftly becomes her favourite toy, and the creative Clara helps her make up all kinds of fun scenarios.

Gabriel, meanwhile, is still a babe in his mother's arms. And soon, he'll have company in the cradle next door once again.

Although she's already pregnant, Amelia knows she has to plan ahead to have any hope of achieving her mission. So, when she gets word from an old flame about a dance party at a nearby disco, she calls up the babysitter, squeezes into her glad rags and steps out.


Apparently, all of the hot young go-getters come to the Discotheque Pan Europa. As Amelia approaches and hears house music blasting through the walls, she has high hopes of snagging one to become her next baby daddy.

As she enters and heads to the dance floor, she selects her target.

His name? Joaquin Le Chien.

(He certainly sounds very updog.)

Shouting to be heard over the music, Amelia lays on the charm thicker than chunky peanut butter... and Joaquin swiftly turns to jelly.

(That's "jelly" in the British sense, by the way... which Americans call "Jell-O"... and what they call "jelly we call "jam", so the joke doesn't really work in that context OH NEVER MIND)

As they bop together to the beat, the pair flirt up a storm, and...

Wait, who's that behind them?

You again?! Didn't you learn anything the first time around? Yes, that's still your husband's baby in Amelia's belly, and yes, she does move on fast, now MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

Oh... she is doing that. She doesn't interfere at all. That allows Amelia to seal with deal with Joaquin with a sweet kiss.

After getting his number, she calls it quits with him for now. But, she isn't ready to head home just yet. Just because she's within hours of giving birth, it doesn't mean she can't get her groove on!

Mind you, it's hard to dance all night with swollen ankles. After quickly introducing herself to a couple of other gentlemen (because hey, why waste a night out?), she excuses herself, and strolls home along the cobbled roads, the river glistening in the moonlight beside her.


As she arrives back in Forgotten Hollow, it seems Amelia isn't the only one who likes a boogie. A very awake Freyja is bopping around in the living room to alternative beats.

Thankfully, our expecting heroine seems to have made it home just in time.

She's barely able to grab a quick snack and a shower before a familiar pang in her belly sends her straight into the nursery.

And after bidding farewell to one son, we welcome another!

H is for Henry, bringer of mirth.

(Baby 8 - Henry Goth Livingstone)

Still, there's no time like the present. Once little Henry is settled in his crib, Amelia makes a quick phone call...