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The Forgotten Hollow Tinies: Part Two - Baby Boom

Seeing how Amelia had success in Willow Creek last time, she decides to get another bus back there and hopefully hunt down Baby Daddy Number 2. 

It's a warm night, with a pleasant breeze, so going back to a stuffy library doesn't really appeal to her right now. A walk in the park, on the other hand, would be most refreshing... so that's exactly where she heads.

Feeling a tad peckish, our girl rustles up some hot dogs in the grill. They turn out quite well - maybe their alluring meaty scent will flush out a few handsome suitors?

And... the plan appears to be working! Within minutes, it seems that there's a whole wave of charming fellas coming Amelia's way - and she's determined to get to know as many of them as possible. True, only one of them can be her second baby's daddy... but given her situation, surely there's nothing wrong with putting together a little waiting list?

This dapper pair are Mario Talbot and Coty Browne. Amelia is able to have a friendly chat with them, but unfortunately, neither of them seem willing to stay for very long. Still, it was long enough to get their numbers.

Out of the two, Mario seems like the better prospect right now. He appears to like Amelia more, and is more open to flirting.

Besides - who could resist that hat?

As the sun rises, a handsome athlete arrives at the park for his morning workout. Amelia watches with great interest as he drops down and does 100 push-ups. 

Sadly, Marcus Flex is more interested in fitness than flirting right now. Oh, well... maybe later.

Amelia's having no problem meeting the guys, but none of them seem willing to hang around for any significant amount of time. How on Earth will they build enough of a relationship to have a baby together if the paternal member of the party keeps dashing off? 

As our heroine considers heading back to the bus station, considering this whole trip something of a bust, her luck suddenly changes. A newcomer, just moved here from Strangetown, invites her over for a game of chess.

Well... a chess game is how things got started with Waldemar last time. Why not?

As they start to play, it transpires that our new acquaintance is already in a flirty mood, and he responds extremely positively to Amelia's charms and flattery. He ends up with the checkmate, but this gothic beauty has certainly captured his heart for a consolation prize.

His name is Pascal Curious.

Amelia really likes this geeky gentleman, and her chances with him are looking very good. However, by this point, it's almost 9am. She's been out all night, and she feels pretty wiped out. She gets up, bidding Pascal a fond farewell... and then immediately collapses on the grass for an impromptu nap.

Forcing herself awake, Amelia staggers to the bus station, and heads back to Forgotten Hollow for some real rest - catching another 40 winks on the ride home. Back at the Old Mausoleum, she pays off the babysitter, then attends to Adelaide's needs before crawling into bed, completely exhausted.

That afternoon, after sleeping, showering and eating, and with baby Adelaide fed, re-diapered and cooing happily in her crib, Amelia invites Pascal over for some fun.

Well, well, well! It seems like our extra-terrestrial enthusiast has fallen for Amelia pretty hard! After being offered a rose by her amorous companion, the hostess right dives in for their first kiss.

And then, of course, one thing leads to another...

Pregnancy test time!

Looks like Pascal is a perfectionist in matters of love as well as at work! Amelia has gotten pregnant after their first try!

Naturally, Amelia is pleased as punch. Rushing out of the bathroom, she immediately tells Pascal her good news.

This swiftly develops into a long talk about the ups and downs of pregnancy. 

Funny, Amelia thinks to herself. From the sympathetic way he's talking about it, it's almost as if Pascal's been through this himself. That's totally silly, of course... not to mention impossible. He must just be a really caring guy.

Amelia realises instantly that she's going to miss Pascal very much - even more so than Waldemar. But, he's only the second of many lovers she's going to have in this life... she needs to stop getting so attached to them all. It might be time for a swift goodbye.

From then on, Amelia's life becomes a daily routine of caring for Adelaide, painting and building up that Charisma skills even further - practising pick-up lines in her bathroom mirror.

Until, eventually, the fateful day comes!

Adelaide is joined in the nursery by a bouncing baby brother.

B is for Benjamin, sweet little tot.

(Baby 2 - Benjamin Curious Livingstone)


Things are starting to get tough for Amelia. Her money is almost completely gone, and she's woken up at almost all hours of the night by the sound of a baby crying. It seems that the second she gets one of them to fall asleep, the other one suddenly starts screaming. And more often than not, it's both.

Not willing to risk going to bed, knowing that it won't be long before one of her previous little darlings needs her again, she spends the early hours of the mornings working on paintings, which are gaining value slowly as she sells them, due to a steady increase in her artistic skills. Soon enough, she's scraped together enough cash to get by.

Still, as hard as things are getting... Amelia dare not slow down when it comes to her mission. She needs her next baby daddy, and soon. She's far too tired to risk going out... but thankfully, that won't be necessary this time. 

She still has Mario Talbot's number in her phone.

Making herself as presentable as she can, and praying the babies will just stay asleep for a while, she phones Mario up first thing in the morning, and he comes straight round.

Now that he's away from Coty Browne, Mario seems to lose his machismo bravado, and is far more susceptible to Amelia's charms.

Very soon after that, Amelia learns exactly why this poor guy always wears a hat.

Afterwards, as she takes yet another pregnancy test (she's amassed quite the stash of them in her bathroom cabinet), Amelia is interrupted by the sound of both of her little treasures screaming for milk. Getting up to go to them, she glances down at the test in her hand, and spots the little plus sign in the window.

Two babies in their cradles, one in her belly, and no fathers around for any of them. How in God's name is she going to cope? And this is still just the early days of her mission.

Amelia knows she has no other choice. She made the deal, and she has to give the Reaper what she promised. Somehow, she finds a way... dabbing paint onto easel canvases in between feedings and changings.

Little Adelaide is growing up fast. As Amelia enters the third trimester of her latest pregnancy, her first-born has become an energetic little toddler: Waldemar's red locks flowing down in a cascade. Her mother pops her in a pretty black dress and whips her some some chocolate cake to celebrate... just a little stay-at-home party to mark her daughter's special day.

Shortly after that, Adelaide's old crib is once again occupied.

The toddler claps her pudgy hands happily as she is introduced to her new sister.

C is for Clara, so tender and mild.

(Baby 3 - Clara Talbot Livingstone)

After reading Adelaide a bedtime story, and making sure Benjamin and Clara are comfy in their cradles, Amelia turns out the light, tiptoes to her own room, and practically collapses into bed - falling asleep in an instant.

Still... she'll need a good night's rest before she goes daddy-hunting again tomorrow.



Apologies for the lack of pictures: most of Amelia's days have been a bit same-old, same-old, so I neglected to get any good screenshots. I'm not that used to this style of playing and storytelling yet, either! Hopefully, once more of Amelia's little ones start to grow up, they'll be a bit more variety and toddler socialising going on!

This version of Pascal Curious was created by strangest_tomato.

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