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The Miskin Legacy - Generation Ten, Part Six: The Time-Traveller's Girlfriend


As they sat chatting over coffee in the Brown Sugar Café, Mally thoroughly enjoyed being in Polly's company... yet remained terrified that his great-grandfather Mitch might walk in at any moment, and accidentally interfere with their conversation. It was absolutely imperative, he knew, not to screw up the timeline that had led to this wondrous meeting... but frankly, simply being with this charming woman was worth the risk.

But it wasn't just Mally who was feeling under pressure. Polly's own feelings for this scientific stranger were growing by the moment, and as she spotted her adoptive father, Big Mo, staring at her from behind the serving counter - no doubt in awe of the fact his long-time withdrawn and bookish daughter was in the company of a young man - she could only pray that he would keep his distance and leave them be. 

Thankfully, he did - bar flashing Polly a knowing grin or two - and so, both the blossoming relationship and the space-time continuum remained unscathed.

Still, although Mally now had great power over time, he couldn't slow it down here and now. As she drained the dregs of her coffee, Polly glanced at her watch, and gasped.

"Oh, goodness me!" she cried, clambering to her feet. "I was meant to be at work half an hour ago! I'm sorry, Mally - I'm going to have cut things short."

As Mally looked at her, a sickening, sinking feeling flooded his body, causing his heart to ache. He couldn't lose her. Not now.

"Polly, wait!"

His companion stopped in her tracks, and turned towards him.

"I... I'd really like to see you again," Mally told her.

Polly smiled softly.

"You too," she replied. "Here - let me give you my number."

After Mally had keyed the digits into his own mobile phone, Polly whispered a shy goodbye, and scurried out of the door.

As a thrilled Mally sank back into his seat, feeling like a champion, he spotted Big Mo approaching the table from the corner of his eye. Fearing an inquisition, a timeline alteration, or quite possibly both, he muttered a hasty "thank you", and dashed out towards the park.

Back in the present, a loud whirr and flash of light filled Mally's lab as the time machine arrived home. As the scientist stepped out, giddy as a goat, he eagerly seized his phone. Courtship rules and three day waits be damned - he wanted to call Polly right away.

Dialling the number, he held the phone up to his ear, stifling giggles as he shook with excitement. Then, his face fell as he heard an irritating robotic voice informing him the person could not be contacted.

Confused, Mally checked his phone, and tried again. Once more, the robot was the only respondent. All at once, the reality of the situation hit Mally like a ton of bricks.

He was trying to call a number from decades in the past. God, he was such an idiot.

Well... it looked like there was only one thing to do. If he wanted to talk to Polly again, it would have to be face-to-face.


As he watched his beloved daughter pacing around the living room, mobile phone in hand as she stared at its small screen, Theodore Thacker-Creswell giggled. It had been a week since Mo had told him about Polly's gentleman friend at the café, and both of them heavily suspected that, despite his geeky style, he wasn't just a co-worker of hers.

"A watched phone never rings, my dear," he said, smiling - jolting Polly out of her frantic, distracted thoughts. Noticing her father's knowing gaze, she blushed.

"Oh, I'm... I'm just expecting a call, that's all."

"From your boyfriend?" Theo teased.

"Dad!" Polly protested.

"What?" Theo replied innocently. "Honey, I'm thrilled for you! I just wish you bring him here sometime to meet your old man!"

Groaning in embarrassment, Polly stormed off to her bedroom - whilst Theo, now confident that his and Mo's theory was true, simply chuckled and went to make himself a cup of tea.

Safe in the privacy of her room, the frustrated Polly threw her mobile down onto her bed. She'd given Mally her number. Why hadn't he called her yet? She knew from her sisters' gossip that men tended to play little games like this, but surely she'd waited long enough? She had to admit it... she was very disappointed. He'd seemed like such a nice guy.

As she strolled over to her window, her heart lightened slightly by the sight of the family's beautiful blossoming garden, and the slow waters of the creek flowing by beyond the boundary wall, she suddenly ducked down in terror as a bright flash blinded her.

When a few moments had passed with no further consequence, Polly risked another peek out of the window... and her eyes widened.

There, in the back garden, was Mally... inside what appeared to be a bizarre-looking shower cabinet. As he emerged from it, Polly rushed outside and raced up to him, throwing her arms around him excitedly - her eagerness to see him briefly outweighing her confusion.

"Mally!" she gasped, as her paramour returned her embrace. "I'm so happy to see you again! Why the heck didn't you call me?"

Snapping back into reality, she stepped away, and stared at the cabinet in awe.

"And while we're at it... how the heck did you get here? What is this?"

Instantly, Mally began to panic, and floundered for an answer.

"This? Well, it's, er... I mean, I..."

As he looked at Polly, her expression was most telling. His hesitation meant any response he was about to give simply wouldn't wash with her. Besides, dishonesty wasn't really the best way to start off a potential new relationship.

Sighing, he decided to bite the bullet.

"You may not believe me," he began, "but I promise you - what I'm about to tell you is true. And you have to keep it a secret. That part's really important."

"Why?" asked an alarmed Polly. "Mally, what's going on?"

Slowly and carefully, Mally explained how he had travelled there from the future: how he wouldn't even be born until many years after this moment. He told all about his success as a scientist and inventor - something Polly could completely respect - and how he had first met Polly during a test run of this cabinet... his latest and greatest invention.

After taking a few moments to let everything sink in, Polly smiled.

"Well," she said flippantly. "No wonder you didn't call."

"I did try," Mally replied timidly. "I know the risk I'm taking by simply being here, talking to you. But... well, I just had to. You're one of the most amazing women I've ever met. You can appreciate my work. You understand me. I just had to see you again... and I hope that... I can keep on seeing you."

"Hold on a second," Polly said in firmer tones. "How do I know you're telling the truth, and this isn't all some clever trick? I'm a scientist too, after all. If you want me to believe something, I'll need evidence."

"Like what?"

Polly grinned a mile wide.

"Take me somewhere," she pleaded. "Or rather... sometime."

Without any argument, Mally opened the cabinet door for her.

"Your chariot, m'lady."

As Polly entered, Mally stepped in after her, and sealed the door behind them. As he chose a destination and the machine whirred back into life, Polly playfully wrapped her arms around Mally's shoulders, whilst the world around them fell away.


From then on, the greatest civilisations in history provided the backdrop for Mally and Polly's rapidly progressing courtship. Forever doing their best to blend in with the locals, the two time-travellers went on several exciting and fascinating dates: exploring places from Ancient Rome...

... to Victorian London.

After a couple of dates, when Mally was dropping her off at her house, Polly decided the time was right to reveal a secret of her own.

As she said her goodbyes, she braced herself, and allowed her disguise to melt away.

Mally had always known that aliens existed, but all the same, it was a surprise to find out that Polly was among their number. As she watched Mally looking her up and down with fascination, Polly grew nervous.

"You... you don't mind, do you?" she asked.

In response, Mally gently grasped her hand reassuringly.

"Of course I don't," he said. "I think it's wonderful. It just means that you're even more special and unique than I thought you were."

Thrilled, Polly gently reached out to stroke Mally's cheek lovingly. Then, hearing movement from inside the house, she whispered a final quick goodbye, and dashed inside.

Later still, two months after they had commenced their chronological voyages, Mally brought Polly into his own present - to enjoy a quiet, cosy night together at the Miskin house. With Jack now living with Morgan in her flat, and Thomas needing to power down each night to recharge, it was simply a case of waiting for an evening when his parents would be out in order to avoid any disasters. 

So, when Max and Laura were invited to a reunion dinner for various famous musicians, Mally seized his chance... and the moment they had left, he powered up the machine to go and pick up Polly.

An hour later, the pair were laid on an old blanket outside on the lawn, enjoying the warm air of a Summer's evening as they stared up at the stars above them.

"Look," Mally said suddenly, jabbing a finger upwards. "A shooting star. Make a wish."

"Wishes aren't exactly scientific," Polly replied jokingly.

"Maybe not," Mally answered, "but you never know. Well, if you don't want to make a wish, I will."

He closed his eyes, and mumbled something softly under his breath. Intrigued, Polly rolled onto her side to look at him.

"What did you wish for?" she asked kindly.

"I can't tell you that!" Mally replied. "If I do, it won't come true!"

"For a man of logic, you certainly have some funny beliefs," Polly teased. "Anyway, I don't need stars. I prefer to make my wishes come true by myself."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, for example," Polly purred, "this is something I've been wishing for for quite a while."

Leaning forward, she puckered her lips, and placed them against Mally's: stealing his stunned breath with a gentle, loving kiss. 

The first kiss... for both of them.

As Polly pulled away, Mally blushed and coughed nervously - having clearly enjoyed the experience, but not quite sure what to do now.

"Do... do you want to go into my observatory?" he asked awkwardly. "You... you can really see the stars up close through my telescope."

Polly chuckled, humbled by his silly, and yet lovable, response.

"That sounds great," she said.

Getting up, Mally helped Polly to her feet, and then lead her to the small wooden construction just beyond Mordecai's garden - a vast telescope adorning it's roof like a monarch's crown. As he pushed open the door and stepped inside, Polly hung back near the threshold, leading her companion to turn back towards her.

"Come on in," he said, gesturing to her welcomingly. "There's plenty of room."

As Polly stepped inside, Mally closed the door, plunging the observatory into near-darkness. The only source of light, apart from the moon and stars above them, was a strange pink aura that had suddenly began to glow around Polly's body. 

Whilst Mally stared at her in alarm, Polly giggled with embarrassment.

"Sorry," she told him. "I can't help it."

"Are... are you all right?"

"I'm wonderful. This here... this aura... it's - it's something that happens to us aliens when we feel strong emotions. It's sort of like, a physical representation of it. We glow green when were happy, blue when we're sad..."

"And what about pink?"

Polly looked away, her cheeks turning the same colour as the aura.

"It... it means I'm in love," she whispered. "With you."

Mally's hand flew towards his mouth as he stifled a gasp, which unnerved Polly greatly - the pink glow beginning to fade.

"Have... have I said too much?" she asked.

"No!" Mally quickly cried back. "No, not at all! In fact... it's something I've really been wanting to hear."


"Yes! Polly... I... I'm in love with you too. For goodness' sake, I risked messing up time itself just to be with you! I would do anything just to keep you in my life. Forget acclaim - forget scientific greatness. The one thing I want most of all now is you."

The pink aura blazed brighter than ever. Polly, with a delighted cry, raced forward - almost stumbling in the low light - and kissed Mally passionately.

In an instant, Mally had coiled his arms around his beloved - returning her deep kisses with even more passion and longing.

From there, logic went out of the window as everything descended into a blurry whirl of lust and desire. Clothes were unbuttoned and thrown aside. Hair was tussled, skin was stroked and bodies became entwined as the two hastily endeavoured to express their love physically: Polly pressing a willing Mally against the wall for a while until they tumbled to the floor below - still joined as one in a fiery, affection union, the pink glow beaming ever more strongly until it flooded the whole structure with its warm light.

The glow slowly faded. The air around the couple grew cooler. They laid there together for a few moments in blissful silence - motionless, but still embracing one another. 

Finally, Mally sat up, reaching out to cup Polly's cheek. How long had it been? Minutes? Hours? Not long enough, in any case... but his parents could be home any minute. Thus, as he looked into Polly's eyes, in the aftermath of the intensity of what the two of them had just experienced, he could only think of one thing to say.

"Come on. I'll take you home."


Over the next three weeks, Polly saw and heard nothing of Mally.

Unable to call him, and with no access to a time machine of her own to go and visit him, she helplessly paced up and down her bedroom furiously for hours each day... much to the concern of her two fathers.

"Just tell me who 'e is, sweet'eart," Big Mo said to her one night as he hovered in her doorway. "I'll find 'is address in the phone book, go over there and ring 'is bloody neck."

"No, Dad!" Polly protested.

"You're right. Best not get my 'ands dirty. Still, I 'ear your Uncle Clyde still 'as a few connections -"

"Dad! No! I don't want you to hurt him! Besides, you couldn't find him even if you tried."

"And why not?"

"He's... he's not from around here."

"What is 'e, a tourist or summink?"

"In... in a way."

"Well, whoever 'e is, and wherever 'e's from, 'e 'as no right to break my daughter's 'eart! And if 'e does show 'is face around 'ere, again, I swear I'll -"

"Dad, please! Look, maybe he's just been busy, or something! I know him... what he's like. I'm sure he wouldn't hurt me like this on purpose."

Mo sighed.

"I can only 'ope you're right, love. I mean, I don't know 'im, but 'e looked like a good lad to me. I'll be disappointed if 'e 'as done a bunk on yer. All I want is for yer to be 'appy."

"I know, Dad."

"Look, d'yer want a cuppa? Tea 'eals all wounds. Maybe a bikkie, too?"

"I'd love one, Dad - thank you."

"I'll get the kettle on."

As Mo headed to the kitchen, Polly sat down on her bed, blinking back tears. What she'd said might have calmed her father, but even she wasn't sure of the truth in her words. 

At that moment, as if to reassure her, a now-familiar flash of light broke out in the backyard. Polly immediately rushed to the window - but alas, there was no sign of Mally. Only the time machine... and what appeared to be a piece of paper pinned to its doors.

Intrigued, Polly headed out, approached the machine, and tore off the paper, reading it 

Dear Polly,

We've never met, but I'm Mally's lab assistant and best friend. If I've done this right, the machine will have arrived in your garden sometime after your stargazing date. He's told me everything, but don't worry - your secrets are totally safe with me.

In short, there's something you really need to know about Mally. Something he's been afraid to tell you. For reasons that will become apparent, he isn't able to come back and see you himself - so I've programmed the time machine to bring you here to us. Just climb in and press the big green button. All being well, you'll end up in Mally's lab. Just head upstairs when you arrive, and everything will be made clear.

Jack Diamond

Mere seconds after reading Jack's sign-off, Polly was inside the machine and pushing that button. She had to know what was going on.

Green fields and flowing rivers melted into blue haze, then merged into white walls and metallic floors. As the time machine slowed to a stable halt, Polly stepped out, and spotted the door that presumably led upstairs: racing through it as fast as her legs could carry her, ascending the stairwell in leaps and bounds.

She soon found herself in a rather morbidly decorated living room. (Black wallpaper. A tad strange, but no accounting for taste, she supposed.) As she looked around hastily, getting to grips with her sudden new surroundings, her heart skipped a beat as she spotted a familiar figure sitting on the sofa, idly watching TV.


As the Miskin heir heard his name, he turned his head in surprise - his shock only increased when he saw who was before him.

"Polly!" he gasped. "What are you doing here? How did you even get here?"

"Your lab assistant sent the machine back for me."

"Jack?" Mally said, aghast. "God, I should have known! I told him I'd come and see you when I was ready!"

"Well, when was that going to be?" Polly snapped in annoyance. "It's been three weeks since I last saw you, Mally! I've been worried sick! You know you can tell me anything - what kept you away for so long?"

When Mally heard this, he chuckled lowly under his breath in amazement - which did nothing to ease his lover's frustration.

"Three weeks?" he muttered. "Is that really all the time that's passed for you?"

"Isn't that enough?"

"I'm sorry, but, well... let's just say it's been a lot longer for me."

Polly's face fell, saddened to hear him say such a thing.

"How long?" she asked, almost breathless.

With a heavy groan, Mally slowly rose from the sofa... and in an instant, everything was made clear, his voice a mere whimper.

"About eight months."




I won't be writing any big stories about the incoming Miskin - at least not as part of this legacy, which will end with this generation - but you didn't think I was going to let my sweet geeky Mally grow old without a family, did you? NOT ON MY WATCH! LOVEY-DOVEY ENDINGS FOR ALL!

You were all warned earlier on that I intended to go all out on the sci-fi weirdness in Gen 10, to have some wacky fun, and well... here you are! 

Given Mordecai, Milo, Marcel, the Thacker-Creswells, the Lee Harkers - oh, heck, let's just say the general story track record - most of you probably saw this coming the second Mally's romantic interest was revealed, but all the same, I hope you're excited to see the new alien nooboo! I know I was!

(That's right - "was". To those of you who follow my Tumblr, that "Legacy Player" achievement didn't come up for nothing! Oh, well... you'll just have to wait to meet the new arrival!)

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