Thursday, 21 September 2017

Second Liebster Award!

Thank you to SuperKyle221, author of The Keen Legacy, for nominating me for another Liebster Award!

Having received this amazing honour once before - not that I'm any less grateful, in fact I'm thrilled! - the majority of people I know in the SimLit world have already been nominated. As such, to save them further trouble, and given the problems I had narrowing the list down the first time, I have decided - albeit after much thought - not to nominate anyone else this time around. However, I will answer the questions I was set. 

In lieu of nominations for this second award, I would encourage readers to check out any Sims-related blog that has won this award, as well as my original nominees.


What is a song that you hate, and why?

I'm struggling to think of a specific example, but I hate any metal song where the vocals are purely screaming - where the words can't even be understood. It just sounds like a cacophony of noise to me.

If you could meet one person who died more than 150 years ago, who would it be?

Dante Alighieri. Inferno is one of my favourite poetic works. We could drink expresso and fanboy/fangirl over Virgil.

What is your favorite joke?
A chicken goes into the library, walks up to the desk, and clucks, "Book."

The librarian, surprised, picks out a novel, and hands it over. The chicken leaves.

About an hour later, the chicken comes back, put the original book down on the desk, and clucks "Book book". The librarian takes the first one back and hands over two more. The chicken leaves again.

Another hour passes, and back comes the chicken, looking as irate as a member of the fowl family possibly could. It slams both books on the desk and angrily clucks "Book book book!" The librarian swaps the two for three more. Bemused, she decides to follow the chicken as it leaves.

She is stunned when she sees the chicken crossing the road (thus resolving a major philosophical crisis) and approaches the pond in the park. Her alarm grows when the chicken throws the books into the water... only for a frog to appear moments later, throwing them back and croaking "Read it, read it, read it!

What is something you’ve done that you’re super proud of?
My BA English degree. It helped me get a job I love, and let me celebrate my lifelong love of books.

If you could have any job in the world, would it involve dogs?

As long as they could be trained to carry books safely, then sure. (I want to be a librarian.) Or we could issue puppies on loan for half-hour slots. Books and a puppy... why not?

Who is your favorite literary character? Why?
Ponder Stibbons from Discworld. He comes across as the only sane man in a group of bemused, mad wizard academics, and I feel his pain when he's trying to explain his clever theories to someone else only for them to dismiss it instantly, or otherwise completely miss the point.

What is one trope that you never want to see ever again, in any medium?
I'm on TVTropes, and I do feel some tropes have their use and place... but it grinds my gears when they take a plain, geeky girl or guy and give them a makeover to prove that they were "beautiful all along". They're beautiful anyway, you morons! 

I can forgive it slightly if the person is just glamming themselves of their own volition to make themselves feel better or celebrate a night out, but when another person is basically making that choice for them, it gets on my nerves.

When is the last time you looked up at the sky to watch the stars?
About three weeks ago. I recently moved to a small village with little light pollution after living in a big city my whole life. I'd never seen the stars so clearly before. It was nice.

What is one thing that you wish somebody would ask you?
"Can we publish your writing in a book? You'll be paid!"

Imagine a magician who can only do five small tricks, but they all use real magic (eg he or she can really pull a rabbit out of a hat, he can find any card you pick, he can really pull a coin from behind your ear, etc.). Knowing this, is she or he more or less impressive than Chuck Norris?
You know what? I'm with the magician. I quite like that whole circus/theatre/performing arts thing anyway (hence my affinity for Dark's Den of Deformity and Le Canard Noir in the card game Gloom). Most people could be an awesome fighter with enough hard work and training (kudos to Norris and his ilk for that, by the way)... but real magic? That's unique!

What sound does hope make?

A small but clear, sweet voice whispering inside your mind... "You can do this."

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  1. Loving your answers! Especially the one about Ponder Stibbons! I especially love the exam he takes to become a wizard.