Thursday, 12 January 2017

Millwood Moments: The Astra Family - Part Two

Dr. Galatea Astra's new Servo, Flynn, has been given a human-style makeover. Now, he's spending his time learning more about his creator, the human race, and what it is humans do. 

It seems that, despite being a robot, he does have a artistic flair, and has taken up painting. The Creation is now the Creator!

And perhaps creative ability isn't the only human-like trait Flynn has in his programming. He always fulfills his primary function - to serve and obey his mistress - but could it be that he has a motivation to do so, rather than some mandatory drive?

Galatea can't help but be charmed by her new mechanical companion. After initially seeing him as a tool of usefulness, he eventually becomes something of a friend... and soon enough, her feelings grow even further. Yet, it is Flynn who makes the first move.

Galatea has to admit it. She's in love. At first, she thinks these feelings might simply be a product of her loneliness, but later, she comes to realise that she sees Flynn as much more than a machine. Her affection for him is genuine. 

She worries that his apparent feelings for her might just be a result of his design, but he seems to show legitimate concern for her happiness - and does so freely. He proves this by disobeying requests for chores from time to time... but his romantic spark always remains. Clearly, this is a robot with free will.

That said, Galatea knows one thing for sure. If people were to know that Flynn is a Servo, their relationship would never be accepted. This fact upsets her... but her blossoming romance is also a source of comfort.

Flynn, on the other hand, doesn't care what other humans think. He is happy, and Galatea is happy. Nothing else matters. When he re-activates in the morning to start on the housework, he leaves Galatea to rest... allowing her the pleasure of remaining in sweet dreams for just a while longer. 

In her dreams, Flynn is Galatea's loving and faithful husband.

And soon enough, she decides to make that dream a reality... whether society likes it or not.

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