Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Miskin Legacy: Generation One - Prologue

Myron Miskin (Founder)

For as long as he could remember, Myron Miskin had always been in second place.

Although he was born into nobility, he had spent his life living in the shadow of his older brother, Mostyn. Prepared to inherit his father's title from birth, Mostyn had the looks, the charm and the connections needed to prosper in their society. When another high-status family, the Blackwoods, had offered their daughter Amelia as a potential bride for one of the Miskin brothers, Myron was smitten with her instantly... but of course, it was Mostyn who had received her hand in marriage. After all, he was the heir... Myron was the spare.

Not that he could feel too spiteful about that. Mostyn and Amelia loved each other passionately, and had always made Myron feel welcome in their home - that is, to say, Miskin Manor, which Mostyn also inherited upon their father's passing. When the couple's three children came along - Ronan, Fleur and Titus - their Uncle Myron doted on them, caring for them and loving them as though they were his own. However, he remained a bachelor, and late at night, he buried himself in scientific books to keep the loneliness at bay.

But then tragedy struck.

Despite all his his good fortunes, Mostyn had been born with a heart condition... and through the cruelness of fate, it took him away from the world far sooner than expected. Lady Amelia was left a young widow, Ronan inherited the title, and the whole family was plunged into despair. 

For one selfish moment, Myron had considered asking Amelia to marry him - not only to comfort her, but to help him feel like he'd achieved something with his life. But then he thought of the children. They loved him as an uncle, not a father, and he had visions of Ronan holding a skull and saying "Alas, poor Yorrick." All things considered, he thought better of it, and left the family dynamic as it was.

One quiet evening, some time later, Myron sat reading in the parlour, watching the three children play a board game on the carpet. Lady Amelia sat in an armchair beside him, sewing quietly. As the three young Miskins paused their game to fetch some refreshments, Myron turned to Amelia.

"I'm leaving the Manor," he said bluntly.

Amelia looked at him, stunned.

"Why, Myron, what on earth makes you want to do that?" she asked. "Aren't you happy here with us? I know we've lost Mostyn and times are hard right now, but - "

"No, no, Amelia, it's nothing like that," Myron told her, resassuringly. "It's just that... Mostyn's passing has made me realise how short life is. As sad as I am that he is gone, at least he left something of a legacy behind him - a loving wife and three beautiful children. I don't have that. All my life, I've just been the afterthought - but I think it's about time I made a life for myself. If anything, it might help take my mind off everything that's happened. You can keep the manor and the family fortune - I want you to have them. I'll just take some savings and set myself up somewhere. Don't worry, I'll always be there to support you when you need me - but I need to start building a legacy of my own."

Amelia smiled.

"Then I wish you all the best," she said softly.


  1. wow very interesting looking forward to reading on

  2. Well, I started reading from the latest chapters. Now I should read it from the beginning. I love your story!