Monday, 17 October 2016

The Miskin Legacy: Generation One, Part Three - Bundle of Joy

Shortly after she and Myron were married, Katrina had big news. She was going to have a baby! Myron, a loving uncle who had always longed for children of his own, was absolutely overjoyed.

The couple both worked hard at their jobs, saving every penny they could for their little one. Until the blessed moment arrived...

And so, the Miskins welcomed a happy, healthy daughter - Juliet.

From the moment he saw her, Myron was besotted.

The proud papa had planned to decorate his daughter's nursery all in black, like the rest of the house. However, Katrina put her foot down and insisted on some colour. Inspired by their wonderful mother, Myron decided the children born to him and his bride would grow up surrounded by the colour red... and who knows? Maybe future generations would have their own signature colour, too.

With this in mind, an extra room was added to the house.

Juliet soon grew into a geeky, inquisitive child, blessed with both brains and beauty.

However, although his "little red rose" was perfect to him, tradition stated that Myron still needed a son and heir...


  1. such a beautiful girl

  2. New reader here! I love this story so far! Juliet is gorgeous and your storytelling is unique! I can't wait to see Myron get his little boy.

  3. I'm enjoying the story telling! Introducing colour kind of reminds me of a rainbowcy :)