Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Miskin Legacy - Generation One, Part One: The House That Myron Built

So, Myron has decided to set out on his own, and to face the big wide world. First things first, he needs to buy some land and build a house. Here's the result of his endeavours.

It's dark, gloomy and gothic, which is what Myron's used to. Hopefully, future generations will help bring some colour to the place!

Myron's next move is to find employment. After all, he has let his brother's family keep the Miskin fortune - he'll need a job to pay the bills! Due to his interest in science, he decides to take it up as a career.

The good news soon reaches Lady Amelia, who sends her congratulations.

Myron receives quite a few text messages all through the day, The majority are from his eldest nephew, the teenage Lord Ronan, inviting him to various nightclubs. (Does your mother know about this, young man?!)

To advance in his new career, Myron needs to brush up on his skills and have some breakthoughs. He spends the evening reading in the hope of finding inspiration.

After a good first day's progress, he heads off to bed, and is soon in the arms of Morpheus. Goodnight, sweet prince!


Author's Note:

So, this was my first time ever playing a Legacy. I'm only a few Sim days in, and I'm already hooked! The thrill of balancing needs with wants and ambitions! Having to budget and carefully consider every move! It's really fun. I feared that restrictions would hinder my love of storytelling, but actually, it's fueling it. 

More updates soon!

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  1. I love how it has such a victorian gothic aesthetic and yet you still have all the modern technology XD it makes me think of a series of unfortunate events, the way stuff from all different times is put together and makes it feel its in a mysterious eternal era