Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Miserable Miskins

I recently played the card game Gloom, and the storytelling aspects inspired me to create a spooky, tragic family in The Sims 4. Meet the Miskins!

Lady Amelia Miskin was a young bride... but she never thought she'd be a young widow. When her husband, Lord Mostyn, dies suddenly, she takes solace in their three children: new lord of the manor Ronan, the beautiful Fleur, and the clever Titus. Her brother-in-law and the children's uncle, mad scientist Myron, offers all the support he can - since he adores his niece and nephews, and also, because he would have given anything to be in his brother's place on his wedding day. But after such a shocking event, will the Miskins ever find happiness again?

Here's Lady Amelia:

Mad scientist Myron:



And Titus:

As you can see, the beautiful Victorian/Gothic CC creations I found online came in handy!

Here's a few more images of the family:

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