Sunday, 7 February 2016

Michael Lee Harker, Intergalactic Sim of Mystery: Chapter Thirteen - Old Paths Cross

As it turned out, Michael didn't have to go very far to find Crystal. When he crossed the road and entered the local park, he spotted a familiar face in the communal gardens.


As he had expected, Crystal started to run. However, it took him by surprise when he realised she was moving towards him, not away.

"Michael!" Crystal cried, anxious. "Yuri... is - is he OK? I... I heard he was sick..."

"Freeze!" Michael yelled, in no mood for small talk. "I know you were involved in those robberies. I know you know Max Stapleton. And I know something else, too. You, Crystal Cross... are an alien."

Millwood Moments: The Astra Family - Part One

Hello everyone,

I recently managed to get The Sims 2 working again on my laptop. I decided to re-play the game in my good old-fashioned way: I set up a new neighbourhood - Millwood - and will share a few snapshots from the lives of its ridiculous, remarkable residents.

We begin with the Astra Family...

Dr. Galatea Astra, a respected academic in Millwood, has just built her first Servo. As she’s always so busy inventing things and undertaking scientific research, she could use someone to help around the house. His name is Flynn.

Apparently, the classic Servo look isn’t what Galatea had in mind. Looks like Flynn’s being upgraded!

Once Galatea finished the upgrade, her creation was eager to check out her handiwork in the mirror. Looking good, Flynn!