Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Miskin Legacy: From Misery to Merit? - COMPLETE - Index

WINNER - Best Sims 4 Legacy
JOINT WINNER - Best Plot in a Sims 4 Story

May 2018

WINNER - Best Plot in a Completed Story
JOINT WINNER Best Completed Sims Story

The Laws of the Legacy

Gender Law: Patriarchy (relaxed)
Bloodline Law: Traditional
Heir Law: First Born
Species Law: Tolerant


Generation One: 
Myron - Escaping the Gloom

Part One: The House that Myron Built
Part Two: First Comes Love...
Part Three: Bundle of Joy
Part Four: The Heir and the Spare
Part Five: Family Reunion
Part Six: The Forgotten Ones
Part Seven: Flying the Nest


Generation Two
Montague - The Mad Comedian

Part One: Wake Up Call
Part Two: The Granddaddy of Them All
Part Three: Monty Makes a Deal
Part Four: The Wayward Son
Part Five: A Heir-y Problem
Part Six: Mordecai's Mysterious Illness
Part Seven: A Father-Son Talk
Part Eight: Gifts from Above 


Generation Three
Mordecai - The Free-Spirited Collector

Part One: Loveable, Huggable, and Double Trouble
Part Two: A Lily in the Garden
Part Three: Love in Bloom
Part Four: Entwined Vines
Part Five: A Double Wreath of Wrath
Part Six: Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Part Seven: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not


Generation Four:
Milo - The Doctor Is In

Part One: Paging Dr. Miskin
Part Two: The Costume Party
Part Three: Full House
Part Four: Babies Three, A Blessing Be
Part Five: Friends, Lovers, Sisters, Brothers
Part Six: Those We Have Loved and Lost
Part Seven: Crossing Over


Generation Five
Mackenzie - On the Case

Part One: The Sort-of Dynamic Duo
Part Two: Investigations & Discoveries
Part Three: Under Fire
Part Four: Bedside Manner 
Part Five: Promises and Passion
Part Six: Mama Tiger, Papa Bear
Part Seven: Fathers and Sons 
Part Eight: Maternal Instincts


Generation Six:
Marcel - All Art is Immortal

Part One: Rising Up, Standing Down
Part Two: Make or Break
Part Three: Karma Drama 
Part Four: Eight is Enough
Part Five: A Tragic Romance 
Part Six: Looking Back, Moving Forward 
Part Seven: Heaven and Heirs 
Part Eight: Prince of the Damned


Generation Seven
Mitch - Making That Dough

Part One: The Midas Touch
Part Two: Five for Silver, Six for Gold
Part Three: The Napoleon (& Josephine) of Crime
Part Four: Marriages, Magpies and Storks
Part Five: The Ol' Ball and Chain
Part Six: Brotherly Love
Part Seven: A New Normality

Interlude: Letters to Mitch

Minerva: Souvenirs of Sixam
Mo: Sent from the Heavens
Clyde: A Brother's Gift
Miskin Family: Parties and Payback, Pt. 1
Miskin Family: Parties and Payback, Pt. 2


Generation Eight:
Marlon - News Purveyor, Vampire Slayer

Part One: Hot Chocolate, Children and Coup d'Etats
Part Two: Here Comes the Bride

Generation Nine:
Max - Woohoo, Pills & Rock 'n' Roll

Part One: A Star is Born
Part Two: The PA & The Prima Donna 
Part Three: A Marriage is Like a House
Part Four: Demons, Drugs & Drink
Part Five: Cheatin' Woman Make You Crazy
Part Six: Breaking the Strings
Part Seven: Making a Comeback
Part Eight: Keep on Rockin' 


Part Three: Promises, Promises
Part Four: Jack Out of the Box
Part Five: When Mally Met...
Part Six: The Time-Traveller's Girlfriend
Part Seven: A Bump in the Space-Time Continuum
Part Eight: The Last of a Noble Lineage
Part Nine: Love that Lasts a Thousand Years

Finale: The End is Only the Beginning