Tuesday, 1 March 2011

My Monstrous Valentine: A Beastly Bachelor Challenge - Index

This is a fun, casual Bachelor Challenge written for Boolprop.net's Valentines 2019 event - with a supernatural twist!

It uses the relaxed rules as suggested by itsjulie on the original forum post: the characters are very much in control of what will happen, leading to a less rigid writing style.



Meet Wesley Valentine - 31, fitness fanatic, and overall good guy... with a massive secret that he thinks will stop him from meeting the love of his life. 

Well, now, thanks to our new show, Beastly Bachelor, he's going to live in a mansion with six supernatural beauties (plus one wildcard) in a effort to find romance. 

Will any of them win his heart - and the fabulous prize of a brand new car to boot? 

Stay tuned, and find out!

Introduction: Meet the Contestants
Episode One: Before Midnight on the Third Day...
Episode Two: Breakdowns and Bowling
FINALE: Smustles, Hustles and Wedding Dress Ruffles