Friday, 11 February 2011

Dr. Marlow's Home for the Sanity-Challenged: Chapter Index

A Victorian-themed Asylum Challenge!

England, 1889. After suggesting to his employer, Dr. Marlow, that patients with mental issues should be cared for within society instead of being locked away, Dr. Barnaby Tripp is assumed to have gone insane himself for concocting such a radical notion. 

Swiftly confined to the Home for the Sanity-Challenged, Dr. Tripp soon gets acquainted with his fellow residents: a depressed nun, a jilted bride, an aggressive ex-military boxer, a kleptomaniac wheeler-dealer, a deluded snob who believes she is royalty, a lovelorn music hall singer, and a sickly melancholy poet. 

In order to earn his freedom, Dr. Tripp must prove that he is sane... whilst also doing his utmost to keep everyone else happy, safe and alive.


Part One: The Journal of Dr. Barnaby Tripp
Part Two: A Problem Shared is a Problem Multiplied
Part Three: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
Part Four: Love in a Hopeless Place
Part Five: Mentors, Melodies and Maladies
Part Six: Sickness, Soup and Secrets
Part Seven: Dreams and Nightmares
Part Eight: An Advent Ascension
Part Nine: The Inspection
Part Ten - Finale: Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest

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