Friday, 6 July 2018

The Forgotten Hollow Tinies: Part One - Beginning the Mission

When we last left Amelia, she had just arrived at her new Forgotten Hollow home, The Old Mausoleum. After a night of little sleep - tossing and turning as she had nightmares about her new fate - she got out of the bed the next morning, and started her day off by eating a bowl of cereal in her underwear. Classy.

With her hunger satisfied, it was time to crack on with the task at hand: finding the first baby daddy to commence our alphabet of mini Reapers. Amelia's approach to her ongoing task  is to get her charisma skill built up as quickly as possible - to help make her first impression utterly irresistible to the men of the surrounding towns. 

Locking herself in the bathroom, she practices seductive conversation and chat-up lines in the mirror, eager to increase her charm. Eventually, she gets so caught up in this endeavour, she loses track of time... and before she realises it, it's almost sunset!

It's time for Amelia to get changed and go man-hunting. Her plain little black dress may have impressed the Reaper, but it's not going to make anybody's eyes pop out with lust. If she wants to get noticed, she'll have to dress herself up a bit. 

So, in her suitcase, she cleverly packed this Gothic, Steampunky little number.

Now there's an outfit that demands attention!

Given that she's had to quit her office job for full-time motherhood, money's a bit tight for Amelia right now - so clubs and bars are out of the question. Luckily, she's able to scrape together enough bus fare to take a trip to the library back in her old home of Willow Creek.

At first, Amelia thinks she's made a big mistake - there isn't another soul in the place. Luckily, just as she's settling down with a skill book to continue building up that Charisma, a few night owls begin venturing in for some late night literature... and very soon, Amelia spots an absolute hottie across the room.

Immediately, Amelia approaches him to make a friendly introduction. Whilst she doesn't exactly knock the gentleman off his feet, she does illicit a polite reaction, and at the very least, he seems willing to talk to her. Not a bad start, really.

There's a chessboard by the window. Perhaps a friendly game will break the ice?

Taking Amelia's bishop, the man reveals that he has the rather unique name of Waldemar Cote. It also turns out that he's married... but Amelia can't afford to let moral scruples block her plans. Besides, it doesn't seem to be pressing on his mind too much. He and Amelia flirt shamelessly as they capture one another's pieces, and soon enough, Amelia hasn't only got Waldemar's king... but his phone number, too.

As Waldemar shakes her hand, thanking her for a friendly game, Amelia lets out a loud yawn. She glances at her watch. 

Wait - it's almost 4am! Where did the time go?

Amelia could really use some sleep - and if that lingering smell is anything to go by, a shower might be in order, too. (Thankfully, the shack doesn't have a bath. After almost drowning yesterday, Amelia is keen to avoid submerging herself for a while.) If she leaves now, she'll be able to catch the first bus of the day back to Forgotten Hollow. 

Bidding goodbye to Waldemar, she promises to call him later, and hurries away.


1pm that afternoon. Amelia has slept, showered and eaten, and is ready to invite Waldermar round: an action that will hopefully lead to passion, and thereby, conception. She rings him up right away, and within thirty minutes, Amelia is greeting him at her front door.

Fortunately, being surrounded by graveyards and death doesn't seem to have killed the romantic mood. The pair carry on their flirty chat from the early hours as if no time has passed - their discussions getting more passionate by the minute. It seems Waldermar has really taken a shine to our Gothic gal.

Soon, their lips are being used for kissing, not talking.

Things are moving fast. With hands stroking furiously and tongues wrestling with one another, it's time to get down to business. Amelia leads Waldermar to the bedroom.

(I love Waldermar's pyjama shirt - so apropos!)

Soon, the baby-making begins. It's actually Amelia's first time... but it'll be far from her last. Thankfully, she seems to enjoy the experience.

Only... it doesn't quite work as planned. One quick trip to the bathroom and pregnancy test later, Amelia learns that she hasn't conceived. 

Waldemar, thank goodness, is still around: he was feeling a bit exhausted after the "activity", and has settled down to sleep in Amelia's bed. So, our death-defying heroine hurries back in there to wake him up, persuading him to go for round two.

Time for another pregnancy test. Will Amelia have better luck with this one?

Yes! She's pregnant! Baby A is on the way!

After Amelia shares her good news with Waldemar, her considerate suitor decides to make breakfast to celebrate. He whips up some eggs and bacon, and then pops to the bathroom while he's letting his plate cool. Amelia, suddenly feeling hungry as a hunter, swoops in and starts wolfing it down while he's gone. 

(To be fair... she is eating for two now, and he's the reason why.)

Amelia quite likes Waldemar, but... at the end of the day, he's done his job. It's time for her to focus on her pending new arrival. 

She bids her lover goodbye, and says she'll be in touch. She won't, of course. She just doesn't want to hurt his feelings. He's a good man, after all.


As she enters the second trimester of her pregnancy, funds really are running low for Amelia. She used to quite like painting when she was younger - perhaps she could make a career out of it now? 

Setting up her easel, Amelia spends a good amount of time working on a medium-sized oil painting. Once it's finished, she is able to sell it to a collector: only for a very small profit, but at least it will help tide things over. Plus, she'll improve with time.

Amelia had hoped to continue courting men during her pregnancy... but as it turns out, carrying a little one inside her is taking its toll. Her life becomes a ongoing circle of naps, runs to the bathroom, morning sickness and feeding herself - and she seems to developing an unusual craving for grilled cheese sandwiches.

In those rare moments when she's not putting something into her body or letting something out of it, she continues to keenly study the Charisma skill. It's building fast - at this rate, she might even be a mistress of it by the time her second or third child is born!

Early each night, after a long schedule of painting, studying and generally keeping herself and her baby alive, Amelia tucks herself up in bed to get some sleep.

Until, eventually, nine months after she met Waldemar... she is jolted awake in the night by violent pangs in her belly.

It's time. 

Waddling through the shack, Amelia enters the vast empty room - which, as the Reaper suggested, she intends to slowly convert onto a nursery as her children arrive. For now, she has simply installed a crib, ready for her new son or daughter.

After what feels like an eternity of screaming, sweating and pushing... Amelia delivers the first of her many children.

It's a gorgeous little girl.

A is for Adelaide, first of the lot.

(Baby 1 - Adelaide Cote Livingstone)

It's love at first sight for the new mother. From the second she holds Adelaide in her arms - the infant gazing up at her, happily gurgling away - Amelia knows nothing will ever be more important to her than her children. For the first time, she is truly glad that she accepted the Reaper's deal. If she hadn't, she would never have had the chance to experience this amazing feeling.

Sadly, this blissful time together has to come to an end. Amelia still has a mission - and now that she can become pregnant again, it's time to go looking for Baby Daddy number 2. So, after giving little Adelaide lots of cuddles and kisses, and arranging for a babysitter, she gets her glad rags on, and heads out into night - ready to seek out another suitor.

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  1. Gotta love how married Sims never seem to care one bit about their marital status when the spouse isn't around. ^_^ Sounds like your challenge is off to a strong start!