Thursday, 23 February 2017 Golden Plumbobs 2017 - Nominations for Michael and the Miskins!

Hello everyone,

Thank you all again for visiting my blog and reading my silly Sims stories. As a hobbyist writer, your feedback and support means the world to me.

I am a member of several Sims forums and online communities, one of them being the wonderful This particular site gives out yearly prizes known as the Golden Plumbobs - wherein the entries are chosen and voted on by the community members.

I'm pleased as punch to inform you all that myself and my works have received four nominations in the 2017 competition:

Best Sims 4 Legacy
The Miskin Legacy - From Misery to Merit?

Best Plot in a Sims 4 Story
The Miskin Legacy - From Misery to Merit?

Best Non-Challenge Story (any game)
Michael Lee Harker, Intergalactic Sim of Mystery

Most Involved Newcomer

Voting will be underway for quite some time, but I'll inform you of the results as soon as they are released. Even if I go on to lose in all four categories, I am still extremely grateful to have been nominated in the first place, and I thank everyone who supports me from the bottom of my heart.

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