Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Miskin Legacy - Generation Three, Part One: Loveable, Huggable, and Double Trouble

Mordecai was one proud father. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, his extra-terrestrial twins were toddling about and babbling away. Thankfully, the development process appeared to have granted them the ability to hide their alien genetics under a more conventional human skin. Not only did this mean that would be able to dwell safely amongst mainstream society, it also made them a lot easier to tell apart at first glance. Miranda's new hair had the same reddish tones as her father and grandfather, whilst Milo had raven-coloured locks - a throwback to his great-grandfather Myron, or possibly, a feature from his unknown alien mother.

The two also had very different and distinctive personalities. Milo was an inquisitive young lad who had an unquenchable thirst for learning. He was fascinated by this world he had found himself in, and curiously studied everything he could get his little hands on. As a result, Mordecai spent as much time as he could teaching him lessons.

Miranda, on the other hand, was a bundle of energy. She raced about the house as fast as her little legs could carry her, adored playtime, and appeared to possess a wild and vivid imagination. It was important to keep her occupied to stop her from scurrying off and getting into trouble. Montague - her proud-as-punch grandpa - devoted as much time as he could to this particular duty.

Of course, that didn't mean he neglected Milo. Far from it. Once Miranda was finally tuckered out from playing, Montague would sit with his grandson and read him stories - hoping to feed the burning spark of cleverness that had blossomed in his mind.


Still, as happy as the Miskin family were about their new arrivals, it had to be said that things were not perfect. As opposed to having a traditional nine-to-five job, Mordecai had hoped to earn a living by finding rare gems and selling his home-grown flowers and produce. However, having now found himself a single parent, all of Mordecai's time was devoted to the care and happiness of his children. Montague and Rebekah helped him out with childcare whenever they could, but Mordecai simply did not have enough free hours in the day to go out gardening or gem-hunting. So, since Montague already had an established career on the comedy circuit, it made more sense for him to continue working and remain the family breadwinner... despite his advanced age. To be on the safe side, even Rebekah got a part-time job - working a few hours each day in a local café to bring in a little extra cash.

Being a full-time parent was no walk in the park. For every moment of happiness Mordecai's children brought into his life, there was a less-than-savoury chore to go with it. His little ones needed feeding, bathing, and potty training... things that could be tricky to juggle with one child, never mind two.

And, if anyone took their eye off of Miranda for a mere moment, she was bound to be doing something she shouldn't.

Plus, children or not... Mordecai was still a man. A young man, in the prime of his life. He wanted to be able to socialise from time to time, and to meet others his own age. Right now, almost every conversation he had was about teddy bears or building blocks.

One night, despite his tiredness after a long day with his children, Mordecai stayed up late and waited for his father to come home - Montague's gigs still had him out and about at all hours. When the comedian finally rolled in around midnight, his son approached him for a heart-to-heart.

"Dad... can we talk?"

"Of course, son. What's wrong?"

"Listen... being a father is a blessing, yes, and I know you and Mum are helping me in any way you can, which I'm grateful for..."

"It's our pleasure, Mordecai."

"But, I know, one day - I'll need to be able to earn an income to keep things afloat. I know I can make a decent wage by pursuing my passions, but Milo and Miranda need attention 24/7."

"Money's not a problem, son. I earn plenty."

"Yes, Dad, I know... but I don't want you to work yourself into your grave. You should be able to retire one day, to enjoy yourself. After all, you've earned it."

He sighed.

"If only there was someone around who could look after Milo and Miranda for me during the day," he said. "That way, I could earn a living, and they wouldn't be neglected. Then, I'd feel a lot more prepared for the future, and you could enjoy your later years by Mum's side."

Montague considered this carefully. A few moments passed before he spoke.

"Your mother and I have always had some savings tucked away... just in case of a rainy day," he told Mordecai. "And your brother's old bedroom is still there, vacant and doing nothing. Perhaps we could hire a nanny."

He smiled. 

"After all, you might be a father now, Mordecai... but I still want you to live your life."

Grinning, Mordecai threw his arms around his father, embracing him in gratitude.



I'll admit I cheated here slightly... Milo and Miranda aged up to children just before the toddler update came out. I couldn't resist the opportunity to have two alien toddlers pottering around the place, so I aged them back down again. I hope you agree with me that it was worthwhile - they're adorable, aren't they?


  1. So worth aging them down! You got thrown into the deep end with two toddlers

  2. Absolutely worth aging them down! What cutie-pies! The toddlers are just adorable! I can't wait to see what trouble they'll get up to!